Robo(t) Mod by chimeforest

ROBOT MOD by chimeforest v0.02 for SH-A1R27

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Rebuild the Mighty Robo Empire!

Stranded on Stonehearth after an unfortunate crash, these little robots from another dimension look to you for guidance! Starting with only the most primitive of materials, They will need your help just to survive, let alone to find a way home.

Go here for more pictures and download: >>Click<< or here >>Clicky<<


Normally I don’t do the whole sci-fi thing, but it’s amazing all the random stuff
that can be thought of and done while hopped up on cold medicines with nothing else
to do, lol.

This is my first mod for Stonehearth, and also my first post on this forum.


  • New skin for ascendancy(will one day it’ll be it’s own civ!)
  • 3 Basic Hull Colors for worker robos(Gold,Silver,&Bronze with 5 color combinations)
  • 25 Different Color combinations for non-worker robos(More on the way!)
  • 4096 Robo-style names
  • Robo-esque character attributes


Long ago, in another dimension, a race of Humans created a great many artifacts
of Magics and Machinery. Eventually they created a race of robots to assist them. The
humans and the robots got along together forming a symbiotic relationship. With the help
of the robots, technology advancements increased at an alarming rate, Leading to the
discovery of interdementional travel. During the first trial of the interdemional portal
a ship of robots and humans were transported into the stonehearth universe, but
something went wrong. A blinding white light and an explosion as they passed the barrier,
killed all the humans and disabled the ship’s engines. The ship crashed into a nearby
planet killing many of the robots too…

Now, the survivors must work together if they ever wish to survive and see their home
dimension again.


To create a new playable robot population.
This is not currently possible, so right now it’s only a re-skin of the ascendancy population.


  • Customize item texts
  • Re-rig robo animations
  • Redo models for (even more) variation
  • Create weaver model
  • Flesh out and Add Robo-Creator profession tree
  • Charging Stations
  • Change UI graphics for a more robotic feel
  • Model crashed ship/escape pod and have it near start
  • Metal walls/buildings
  • Add as it’s own separate population


  • Incompatible with all other reskin mods
  • Incompatible with my Color Mod (for now)


Now hosted on, thanks to @Warstories.
Installation instructions and download here for Alpha1 R34


welcome aboard! :smile:

i edited your post (hope you dont mind)… the models look great!

good luck with the mod… :+1:

nice, I like robots. And these ones even look cute. Good idea with the energy and battery thoughts :thumbsup: .

Thank you for the edit and the compliment =D

Do you know when will I cease being a “new member”? I can’t seem to find it in the FAQ =/

It just didn’t make sense to me for robots to have have a chicken leg as their icon for fuel, lol.

i think its after you “read” so many posts, and have been on the discourse for X amount of time… wont be much longer… :smiley:

I can’t wait =]

Like the idea, looks like you got it pretty well fleshed already. Well done.

Cool robo mod :slight_smile: Are you going to mod more futuristic robo style buildings as well?

@eatpoliticians Thank you =) but this is really just a sketch of what I have planned, so to say. Or perhaps it’s just the raving dreams of a flu ridden man who will awake from his sickness to forget this whole thing ever happened >.<; but I hope not =]

@Ghost I’m thinking about it. It mostly depends on how stonehearth develops, as of right now, it’s too early to say if that will be feasible. Also, I want to stick to the background I have; Of lost robots stranded on a foreign planet forced to use the most basic of materials to survive.

Hmm… it seems probable that stonehearth will at least have wood and stone walls/buildings, if that’s the case, it shouldn’t be too hard to mod in metal walls and buildings for a more futuristic style ^^

And for everyone, a little preview of part of what might be coming in the next update:
Robo Attributes
Possible New Carpenter Model

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@chimeforest those previews are awesome! And we know we are getting metal later in the game as well! :slight_smile: maybe amplify the amount and make metal buildings :3 Great work so far, and… What about reproduction? Do they juist build each other? :smiley:

You ask good questions! (Keep them coming :smiley: )

For reproduction right now I’m toying with two ideas: Build Replication and Compatible Software.

In my eyes robots are genderless(I’ll be hiding the genders in the mod as much as I can), sure they can be build to look or act like a specific gender, but as far as reproduction goes robot gender is a moot point.

Build Replication would be where robots can build more of themselves after one of them progresses along the correct profession path. This robot would only make more robots, that would be it’s entire job, and it would be very resource intensive.

  • It fits in the mod very nicely and is accurate to how I envision it.


  • It would probably take too long for the player to progress the robot community to the point where they can build themselves, the would at least need a good source of metal, a way to process it, and a know how of how to build microchips =/ it’s likely that the town would run out of workers by the time all that happens.
  • It would require more programming.

Compatible Software would be where two robots like each other enough for them to want to build a child robot and raise it together. ex. a male and female falling in love. Which is probably how vanilla SH will work.

  • It would be easier to implement in the game, since it will probably already be included.


  • It goes against how I see the robots for this mod.
  • Feels like cheating since I wouldn’t be programming that part.

hmm… as an after thought the robots are the product of both machinery and magic, kind of like cute little floating metal golems(not gollums … eww) so maybe magic would play a part in reproduction?

always a cool mix, if handled correctly… you could give it a steam-punk vibe too… :+1:

I am a fan of steam-punk…

Hmm… I find the first idea a better one, because the second one is a bit to “human” don’t you think? I mean… You build a robot, and probably give it an AI. But the AI is already there isn’t it? it’s just a copy paste kind of thing? So there wouldn’t be any “baby robots”?

What about food? Will it be replaced with something like electricity? or oil even?

It is very human, too human, which is why I don’t like it for robots =/

I think I have solved the idea for reproduction, I’m sketching it out right now… here we go…

Basically, the robos have to learn to make themselves from scratch starting at the most basic level through trial and error. The first one they make can only carry stuff from point A to point B and build basic buildings. The next one can become any tier 1 profession (ex carpenter,weaver, cook, etc.) and finally, after much reasearch, they can build fully fledged robos!

This progression will allow the player to build a workforce without breaking the game balance wise, and it fits with the background.

What do you think?

Food will be replaced as the tech level of the robos progresses. Berries provide an “Inefficient source of chemical energy” which the robos can use, but they will soon learn better ways of harvesting/producing fuel. Perhaps something along the line of a brewery? Processing organic material to create a pure-er alcohol for them to use as fuel?


awesome… making due with the resources immediately at their disposal (and of course, available to the player), but eventually upgrading to more efficient forms of fuel…

nice sketches too… :wink:

Thanks, I still wanted it to have that stonehearth feel (even if it is kinda sci-fi-ish based) and for me part of stonehearth is, is planning and using the resources around you effectively.

Also in keeping with stonehearthianism, The robos(just like every other faction/race) are starting from scratch; No lasers or forcefields or lightsabers right off the bat. They may be strange magical mechanical mini golems from another demention, but even that can have disadvantages when lost on a strange primitive world. Everyone (robos and humans and dwarves) should have an even playing field to start.

And I only sketch well when creativity hits me over the head with a sledgehammer >.<;

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hey, good point! these robots could potentially be “related” to other types you stumble across on the alternate planes! :smile:

perhaps thats even how you evolve into the more advanced versions, by traveling to another plane, discovering tech from theses related robos, and opening up new tech/skill trees for your local robots…

Perhaps… It could happen! but I currently like the little robos researching it themselves. However, there are many paths to any single destination. Maybe it could be a random event or a quest; a strange portal opening near the robo village for a short time, or a strange man with glowing eyes who just happens to have some “blueprints” … for the right price and/or favor.

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