[Spoiler] Preview of the Weaver (Patch r22)


Probably as a preparation for future patches there have been also some changes on the professions implemented with Patch r22. One of the effects is that (with only some smaller modifications) we can get a preview of the weaver profession.

To get the weaver “implemented” just follow these litte three steps. As an alternative jump down to @Miturion’s suggestion which is an alternative way.

1) Adjust “profession_description.json” for the weaver:

… which can be found in the folder “…\Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\entities\professions\weaver”. You need to change the following lines:

{ “material” : “wood resource”, “count” : 1 },
{ “material” : “fiber resource”, “count” : 1 }

… to:

{ “material” : “wood resource”, “count” : 1 }

Pay attention and remove the comma!

2) Adjust “weaver_workbench.json”:

… which you can find here “…\Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\entities\professions\weaver\weaver_workbench”. You need to change the following lines:

“material” : “fiber resource”,
“count” : 1
“material” : “wood resource”,
“count” : 1

… to:

“material” : “wood resource”,
“count” : 1

So actually we are removing the requirement of having a fiber resource to construct the weaver’s workbench.

3) Add a line in “start_menu.html”:

… which you can find here “…\Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\ui\game\start_menu”. You need to add the following line:

 <li><a href="#" menuId="buildWeaverWorkshop" hotkey="w"><img src="/stonehearth/ui/game/start_menu/images/weaver.png">Weaver</a></li>

… just after that one:

                 <li><a href="#" menuId="buildCarpenterWorkshop" hotkey="c"><img src="/stonehearth/ui/game/start_menu/images/carpenter.png">Carpenter</a></li>

Now you should be able to create a carpenter and a weaver workshop. There are some icons missing for the weaver, so the carpenter’s saw is used here and there… but I think you will get the idea :wink:.

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well done @voxel_pirate! this is the very definition of “awesomeness through hacking”… :wink:


You can spawn a sheep. make an recipe for ‘sheep’ in the carpenter list called sheep_recipe.
Copy other product and change produces to this.

  "ingredients": [
         "material" : "wood resource",
         "count" : 1
  "produces": [

And add to carpenter list


makes a sheep and put them in storage :smile:. You can shear it for wool.


im not sure if this is how @RepeatPan handles it with his “spawn” mod, but you can plop those cute little buggers out with his work as well… and the bunnies? my daughter had an absolute blast last night, spamming about 50 of the critters around the campsite… :smile:


Good point @Miturion. This way steps 1 and 2 are not even required and you can just add the weaver to the “start_menu.html”. Once you have crafted a sheep and shear it for wool, it should be possible to setup the workshop for the weaver.

… and can just confirm it as I’ve tried it out. The good thing is, that this way you can also already try out the crafting recipes of the weaver, which are working nice.


Well, it’s a critter, so I just check if it has a name (which it does) - and then plop, I just spawn it. The rest is all the entity spawning code that’s already existing.

Bunnies are about the same as trees are about the same as sheep are about the same as basket of berries.


regardless of the logic employed, it made my daughter giggle for about ten straight minutes… :wink:


I think she was more giggling at you, and your face.

looks for ice


I got you Joffers. @SteveAdamo: List of burn centers in the United States - Wikipedia


Your other daughter here does not like that. Spoils the fun of building it. :smile:


“Spoils the fun of building an army of bunnies”. I don’t want to know where you got those bunnies from. Or how.


Nice! You’re pretty sneaky with the code, thanks for the Sneak Peak.




Why does this work for animals, but not for humans?
I tired it with male1,(since I figured"human" wouldn’t work) but the carpenter just froze =/


In theory, stonehearth:male_1 should work. However, this might not yield a functioning worker as several steps are missing (names, faction and stats to name some).


names, stats and faction aren’t actually necessary as they spawned fine with the spawnstuff version I made way back that could spawn anything. The problem might be related to mixins. @chimeforest check the log to see if there is anything in there to hint at it as I can’t guess why it wouldn’t work off the top of my head.


The faction is necessary. If I remember correctly several things will break when the faction is different - for example stockpiles become inaccessible to these workers.

I mean sure, you get another worker but they’re not going to work properly.


I tried adding a new race, but that does not work indeed.
Is it possible to add a third gender instead? Like male - female - robot.


Yes-ish. RP provides events that would allow you to do such a thing, otherwise you need to mess around with PopulationFaction.

I mean, of course, if you want them to be manually spawned, then you can just surpass the whole citizen creation thing and do something similar to rp_workforce.


What do you mean by a new race? Like a faction? Because that’s possible. As for a third gender it’s definitely possible but you’d have to modify the lua to make it get used in the game.

@RepeatPan, yes the human shouldn’t be able to actually do anything but it at least shouldn’t be freezing the game. The default faction should get called for male_1 as well as it’s part of the mixin.