Stone-Tronics Mod(Cancelled)

This page has been scrapped, and the mod will now be transferred to a new page. Right Here.


i like how you approach new ideas with pseudo backstories… really does help to flesh them out… :+1:

i also think you tackle your human models really well (as compared to some of the animal models you’ve created)… keep it up, as i’m interested to see what this chap can accomplish! :smile:

If you know code well enough I would be more than willing to make the models, seems like an idea worth investing in

Industrial Modulist

Industrial Wrench


*Category 1: The first category of robot is the BOXBOTS which has 2 tiers for each robot.

Tier 1 BoxBot

Tier 2 Boxoid
Crafter: Industrial Modulist

BoxBots are the first type of robot you’re going to get, and are the simplest type. They can do some of the easiest tasks, and the tier 1 version is nearly useless, but once they are upgraded to tier 2, they become quite useful. BoxBots are capable of:
• Carrying Loads

• Being Practice Dummies

• Farming (Tier 1)

• Adorably Riding Baby Mammoths Around (Tier 1)

Charging Station

With and Without BoxBot

Carrier Boxoid

A Boxoid with no BoxBot

As well as with an Uncharged BoxBot

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How about a crafting bench with assembly-line-style arms which allow faster crafting?

What you mean almost like a factory type deal?

Yeah, and heck, you could even add something where multiple crafting benches in the same building increase crafting speed even more, just like a factory would be. Or even make them fully automated without the need for a carpenter of any sort. Maybe one “overseer” class unit could manage, say, 4 benches in the factory setup.

Hmmm, not a bad idea, I’ll see about it @ManOfRet

This sort of reminds me of Industrialcraft from minecraft.

yeah me to, but a bit less complicated

Charge Checker

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Robotics WorkTable


i love your work on this! can’t wait to see more!

**Robot Core

Robot Settings UI

Took a go at making a Stonehearth-ish UI screen
Leave Feedback Thx!

I love the models and while it totally doesn’t fit the theme of stonehearth I think that it could be a fun mod to play around with.good luck :smile:

Man its been too long since ive put out a model, but now im back and ready to go.

Nothing much for now, just a few careers of BoxBots. Enjoy!

Practice BoxBot

Farmer BoxBot

NEW: I’ve now got a crafting icon for the helper boxbot. Quite rough and crappy, but tell me what you guys think. It was difficult to do since im not familiar with the Stonehearth art style.

Aright double posting. Yippee! I just had to finish up this model, Ive been putting it off for a long time now. This model, is the Fighter Boxoid. A much better combatant then it’s predecessor. Note the broadsword he has for his right arm. enjoy!

Fighter Boxoid

Hes supposed to be that big.

Way too many voxels, or at least way too many on your corners. The problem I see is they’re in a middle ground between low enough to look voxely and high enough to seem smooth, it just makes them look kinda pixelated and bad. Other than that it looks pretty good, as for the icon I’d suggest trying it with only parts of it, like without arms or whatever. That and drastically lower the size/fine detail as it’s meant to be an icon, like single colours for the eyes/mouth.

Yes, there does seem to be an oddly high resolution on the bot. Try to scale him down to about 2/3 size or so if possible. He can always simply be blown-up in game to achieve the size that you are aiming for.