Stone-Tronics Mod (Resurrection)

Hello friends and foes! Today I am happy to announce that the “Stone-Tronics” Mod is still alive! The last one didn’t turn out as I had wished, so now this is the official mod page for S-T. Also, I now have a team of workers helping me out on the mod. If anyone else can code or do art, whether drawn or voxelated, both are necessary.

The Team



@Colassal, @ManOfRet

More information and models coming soon!

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Some of you guys may remember the old creator of the robots in the mod, well, even he has been revised as well as the power wrench, and I tend to like these ones better. Also his name has been slightly tweaked. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Electrician and Power Wrench


The palette of his clothing is a bit boring, IMHO. Try and add more colors than just solid greys and light greys.

it does seem a bit stale/stiff… which would be perfect for a Doctor type unit… :wink:

i do like the overall design though, but perhaps a utility belt of sorts is in order? something to detract from all the grays…

Firstly, I am up for a little algorithm and coding, if you need it. I can PM you my skype or whatever if you need it.

Second, the palette is slightly on the drab side. A little variation can go a long way, and this guy could use some work, but I don’t have much room to complain, because the basics are definitely there, and I probably couldn’t do much better myself anyway.

I agree with @SteveAdamo i feel that since this is the most basic robot crafter, he should be a bit dull looking. other crafters will have more advanced and bright palettes and details.

Now then, for the most important part of the mod, the robots! I have created a model that very well fits stonehearth, however, I don’t believe that I’m going through with this model, it’s just an idea for now.

Robot Prototype

Tell me what you guys think of this model anyway.

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Again, a little bit palette-flat, but a good base to work off of.

well im still speaking with maximus about the design of the robots, this design probably won’t even make it to the finished mod.

You should also add a way to make electricity, building a power plant and ‘‘feeding’’ it coal or charcoal for the beginning then maybe windmills, solar panels, etc.

Ok everyone, after a lot of discussion and hard work between me and @Maximus, we have come down to a few models that will probably end up in the final mod!

First of all, here is the Electrician’s Workshop

Worker Robot Crafting Machine

Electrician’s Worktable

And finally, the finished Robot Model. This model may change throughout time, but for now we’re sticking with this one.

Worker Robot

Post how you feel about each of these models. We could use criticism, ideas, suggestions, and anything else you’d like to say.


I think just adding steampowered robots to the Engineer’s ability set would be better than creating a really niche class.

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