My Automaton Model

Looking around the Modeling & Animation section was so inspiring that I decided to give modeling a try. I just got MagicaVoxel and tried to make a quick one. It was more of a paint-over though with few alterations :sweat_smile:.

The end product is this:

I decided to make myself @Stmpnk :smiley:! A clockwork/steam-powered automaton :robot:.
It’s the first model I created and I would like to hear your opinions about it :blush:.


One of the things the game supports is reflective surfaces. I’m not certain it works on models but it’s something you could look into or ask one of the Radiant team.


Also he’s adorable! I really think he evokes the cute aesthetic of Stonehearth and that little shine on the front is perfect.

I can imagine a little scenario where the Hearthlings find him spawned at some point on the map and have to help him in some way such as find parts or help find his maker. You might even have to keep winding him up or oiling him to keep him moving. Or perhaps he has to accomplish a task and its up to your Hearthlings to help him! =)


Thank you-thank you for the comment and the suggestion :blush:!
I was thinking whether to put the shine or not but I guess it kinda works :smiley:.
I like your idea btw :thumbsup:. I was thinking about a mod where the engineers :wrench: can make them and help the hearthlings when they don’t have enough people.


It is possible that I may add other variations of these automatons :robot:. Soon I guess :sweat_smile:?


wow, this is amazing, definitely recognizable as the guy in your profile pic, and @Averest said, it definitely captures the cute look of stonehearth.

keep up the good work mate, i look forward to more of your creations :smile:

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I like your design, but (and please keep in mind this is just my opinion!) I think he looks like he’s made of pumpkin, not metal. Maybe the model in game is different, but he looks orange. Maybe, if you’re aiming for steampunk, try more wood/brass/iron colors instead?


Yeah, I mistook the head for a pumpkin at first. I think it could maybe be toned down a little bit, but the rest seems fine to me at the moment. I kind of didn’t want to say anything if I was the only one seeing it for some reason.


Hahaha :laughing:… ha :sweat_smile:… erm :disappointed_relieved:Thought of that too?..

Just kidding :grin:! A while back, I was literally waiting for the pumpkin comments.

That’s spot on :ok_hand:(Did my name gave it away?). I like that and it’s appropriate. But, there is in the color orange, it’s meaning that describes myself. It’s my mascot/avatar after all :blush:.

But I am willing to tone it down or try the other colors with no problems or whatsoever :thumbsup:.
Keep those amazing suggestions or opinions coming :slight_smile:!


I am not worthy…

For serious now, thank you very much :blush:! I am too is looking forward to more of your amazing creations :smiley:.

The other automaton :robot: models would take a while to make, but I’m happy to post some concept arts of the automatons :slight_smile:. Can I post it here or create another thread in the fan media section :confused:?

EDIT: I just created another thread in the fan media discussion here.

Just some new color variations as requested by @Aethrios and @coasterspaul.
I can’t just let go of the orange though (Sorry guys :sweat:). I just love the color :persevere:.

Anyway here they are:






Since the the orange kinda looks like pumpkin, why not play with it a little more?
A certain someone requested this.

Tomato Red :tomato:

I am not able to make a wood one though @Aethrios, sorry :sweat:. I know that some steampunk styles have some wooden materials in them but, I felt that if the whole frame is to be made from wood, it is more likely to be burned (Intense heat of the burning coal inside) or easily break down. I’ll still try to make one though :persevere:.“I’ll do my best!”

Other automatons :robot: will take a long while model since I’m a student :books: . But until then, please give me your suggestions and opinions :slight_smile:. Hope you like them, bye :wave::smiley:!


I love the brass one.


Damn, this is awesome. Are these in a mod somewhere? Can engineers build them or what? Any ideas about how they’ll work?

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Thanks :blush:. For now they are just models. In concept, I would like the engineers :wrench: be able to build them.


I think the iron looks great! And when I was talking about using iron, brass, and wood, I meant together, like you have, not necessarily one of each flavor (though all your variations look great). So I wouldn’t stress over a purely wood design, as you’ve got a point. Plus, from a lore perspective, we’ve already got ents and entlings, so maybe they would be too similar? I’m not sure, the lore is ultimately up to you!


wow those look pretty good, it’s amazing to see how something as “simple” as a recolor can really change the look of the models. :smile:

though the original is still my favorite, i’m with @coasterspaul on the brass one looking really good.

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Ohhh :open_mouth:… Forgive me for misunderstanding :sweat:. But now that I get what you mean, that’s a great idea :smiley:!
I’ll try making some in my free time :slight_smile:.

Thank you very much :blush:! The brass is getting so much love :heart: .


Hi. I really like it but I was wondering how I can create a model like this myself (ik its with Voxel) and replace it for the normal Hearthlings. I want to create my own custom guards and uniforms and stuff in my colour :smile:

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