Introducing the Harpy!

Hi there!
Symbol here.

i have finally came back with a actual thing! (yay!)

after a countless amount of fixes and re-trying, re-coding, re-animating
@honestabelink and i have finally found a solution to animate with blender!

i animated a Lot of times
and Honest re coded StoneVox a little and reveres properties names and ect

we did countless attempts to make the animation and skeleton load properly on StoneHearth
and we finally found a way

Stone Vox was exporting the x(or z?) properties reversed when it was exporting the obj
(again, early state)
and max and blender used a different axis so we were confused

so what we had to do was

  1. get the obj file from SV
  2. put it in Max and mirror with y axis
  3. export it and put it in blender
  4. change the names that are shifted due to the max mirroring
  5. make a skeleton
  6. prepare it and Animate
  7. export and put in StoneHearth

not… something that will come into mind by luck…

anyways! @honestabelink and i are proud to introduce you
the mob i was talking about last post!!



(maybe this is more of a… fast… moving motion then i expected)

the tow are the only animations that are animated so far

next up will be…

  1. combat idle(?)
  2. attack 1/2/3
  3. idle motion 1/2/3 (like looking around and such)
  4. moving while carrying
  5. picking up
  6. blocking motion 1/2

this beautiful creatur will be added to the Dryad mod later on

and the Dryad mods name will change to ‘The Mythical Creatures Mod’

but it will still be a mod that will center on the Dryad as a main character

every character is suppose to protect and be related to the Dryad in some way in the future
(if you kill her… you’ll be in a big mess later)




Symbol out!

Chack it out @Tom!


animation looks good! nice work.


that is absolutely gorgeous! well done to you and @honestabelink!! :smiley: :+1:


Looks awesome! I can’t wait to see it all working in game.


The harpy looks fantastic it really keeps to the Stonehearth feel too :slight_smile:


Looks, awesome. Can’t wait to see it in the game.


Very Cool. The tail flutter is an excellent touch :ok_hand:


Now you will need to make a dead tree model to make it where she lives.

The model is so nice, the animation is good too


i’m gonna make a Nest later on

just gonna plop it on top of a tree


Looking good! :grinning: Really makes me to want to try my hands at a few things myself. However i presume @honestabelink needs to make some changes to stonevox first so that exporting works without fiddling about yes?


Needs a raptor’s beak, so she can tear up our hearthlings!

Excellent work, the animation looks great! Can’t wait to see this in-game


yep! but he’ll have to take a brake

thanks to this work, his wrist hurts…

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her claws will be enough!

those claws actually are 4 claws on each foot!


That would kind of destroying the point of her being harpy?

A quick search shows that there are harpies both with and without beaks

I didn’t see the claws at first, they do look menacing!

Hmmm not according to the mythology it comes from?

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Hey can you explain the process of riggin a bit because I want to animate some of my characters too.

That animation is beyond amazing, must have taken you quite a while to do. Keep up the great work!


That’s really impressive, especially because you kept with the “feel” and animation style of the rest of the game.

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when all the problems get solved, and when i master it.
i’m planning on making a YouTube tutorial later

can you wait for that?
even i’m not too sure if i can make a proper video yet