Animation tools for Stonehearth

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows any animation software for Stonehearth. Like where you can actually animate the models, and render it. Or if there was a blender rig for the characters! If there isn’t I would really like one to be made!

Please tell me if you know anything that can be used for Stonehearth animation (if there is anything)

there’s @voxel_pirate’s add on for blender,

not sure how up to date it is though…


Ah, thanks! It’s great that I don’t have to learn anything (or much) new about using animation software’s - I love using blender! :slightly_smiling:

Aww… I was gonna reply… (To be fair, though, i’m totally late)

If you need any help; ask me!

I’m De animation Muasta!

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Help me please!!! Just for extra ideas!

Aaah-, make a… Am;… Uh, Tiger! Yeah!

Okay… pardon? I don’t understand…

Uh; Tiger
Maybe make a Tiger? (Y’know; large Cat with stripes?)

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Ah, um, okay…



I’m happy now! :smile:

Your welcome :slightly_smiling: