Automatons (Concepts Art)

I was wondering if I should have posted this on my other thread here, but decided to post it here instead.
Here’s the rough sketch :pencil2: (A really-really rough one) of my first automaton model:

It really likes the engineer ~ :heart:

There are more concepts arts of the other future automaton :robot: models to come.
Hoping for opinions again, bye :wave::smiley:!


Oh, wait, Seriously?!

You’re Awesome at drawing!
You were hiding it all along!
So glad to see another artist here heheh(it’s lonely y’know…)

Seriously though, that is just a perfect pice of art! Even from a rough sketch!
I reeeeeealy hope we can see more drawings and such from you! (No pressure though)


Wow that’s pretty cool :D.

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Oh this looks great! Very true to the Stonehearth style. Are you one of the concept artists? Very cool.

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if this is what you consider a rough sketch, i don’t even wanna know what my art would be considered :stuck_out_tongue: but seriously, this is amazing! i’ve always loved looking at peoples concept art, so i’m really glad you shared this :slight_smile:

as @Hyrule_Symbol said, i really hope to see more of your work in the future :smile:

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Thank you very much :smiley:! Coming from a great artist, that really meant something :blush:!
I am not worthy…

I’m not hiding it at all :laughing:.I thought I had typed it in my profile clearly, hmmm…[quote=“Hyrule_Symbol, post:2, topic:26745”]
So glad to see another artist here heheh(it’s lonely y’know…)
It’s nice to be welcomed! The community is really nice and amazing to be with :blush:. Speaking of it, your SH art are really amazing, along with goldmetal’s too :heart_eyes:! Sadly I’m not been able to see more of your works. But I look forward to them :persevere:!

Thank you very much :blush:!

Thank you :slight_smile:! Haha I’m sure I’m not one of them :laughing:, I’m just a fan.

Don’t be like that :open_mouth:, your art is amazing :heart_eyes:! All art are amazing in their own special way.
I’m glad you liked it, and I too is fond of concept arts. And again I too, look forward to your works in the future as well :blush:.

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Don’t say you’re not worthy! You are all the worthy!

I guess i was quite inactive in the art department lately, and you inspired me to actually do some concept art for the mod and upload it! So you actually brought some more your way :slight_smile:


This is so lively and lovely!! I love the energy and the personality you’ve captured, and also all the notes about their design particulars. Your sketches are beautiful : D !


Wow! Awesome job! Thank you for sharing, and don’t be rough on yourself ; ) - its a great sketch and I’m sure everyone would love to see more : ).


Thank you so very much :blush:! I am honored.

Thank you! I’m glad that I shared this. I’ll try my best :triumph:! Again, thank you!

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Id say the the engineer isn’t worth the difficulty it is to obtain it BUT, if automatons were added as extra helpers being crafted by the engineer that would make me love to go straight for building an engineer. then again i’m not sure what the team has planned and I haven’t heard anything about automatons being added but I hope they do. Also by the way amazing drawings