One Small Step... [SH Alpha 1.0]

There’s so many darn threads so didn’t know if there was a dedicated thread for modding and the like…
So here’s the first little mod @SluffTurtle and I managed in the Alpha version. Which was actually a tid bit harder than expected! Ain’t no stoppin Now!


Spaceman(and women) everywhere! Just now waiting on that rover!

I used Modding/looking into Alpha 1 for a general modding thread. Is there anything there other than changing the model? Because I don’t remember that as being overly complex, it’s just change the file and/or manifest depending on how you do it. Unless it’s an extra class than it gets a bit harder.

I’ve been buried nose-deep in a c++ project as well as learning some Lua so I hadn’t actually imported any qb creations into the game until now… What had thrown us off for so long today though was that the position of the creation in qubicle at export time was relevant. We made the HUGE mistake of assuming that it would zero base the selection

heheh, I know the pain. I fell into that trap too first time I exported qb.

@Minion, you should try making the ground grey for obvious reasons :wink:.

EDIT: I added a like for a Mr. T astronaut.

I’m trying to update the worker_outfit.qb file but keep getting a compression error when placing the banner in game and it crashes. You need to change any of the default qubicle export settings?

you have to turn off compression option in Qubicle

oh lord, it has begun, hasnt it? :smile:

well done lads! :+1:

Thank you much! :smile: First test modding is a success. Now Stonehearth has some workers wearing some snazy kimono under their new standard. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I see you already have been helped. I Like the flag.

Ok here is something from my Mod:

more on my Mod page


Like the flag too. Keep up your good work :wink:

im getting giddy folks… giddy i tells ya!

excellent work all round, modding gurus… :smile: