SluffTurtle's Qubicle Creations


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update: Implemented our spaceman (and woman) into alpha!! Click here if you haven’t seen it yet! More creatures/people will be coming soon!

Hey Stonehearth Fans!

This is where I will be posting all my qubicle creations that I make. A lot of these creations will probably appear in the Princess Mod but most of all I just love using Qubicle and wanted somewhere to post!

Here are some of my creations that I have made since I started using Qubicle


This dragon was actually the first thing I ever made in Qubicle. It is still not done, some parts still need better shading and a touch up here and there. Now this is not a big dragon at all, it is actually Rideable!

You can see here from the image of my spaceman and my dragon!

Spaceman: Now you only saw a 2D picture of the spaceman above so here is a full view of him from all angles.

Many more to come!

SluffTurtle youtube chronicles!

Wow… this is REALLY well done! +1 for you!


Thank you, for you here is a turtle!


Awwww… so cute! Maybe my wolf-men won’t hunt him for that aspect! Well done!


Great stuff Bro! The models are lookin great!



I have Ideas and a name for this Mod (The name is MeteorHearth by the way, Get it? Because a Meteor is like a space rock…) Anyway I need to go off make a bunch of Lore up then be too lazy to make the actual thing


Idk I mean I don’t think the cuteness is the only thing protecting it. I mean the thing is half robot!


Oh god! The cyborg-turtle apocalypse is happening! TO THE BUNKERS!


I get it haha. I have thought of lot of things I could do with a space man. Right now I am thinking I should make a rover to go with the spaceman. Just to throw it out their!


Ya the worst thing about them is they travel in packs!


By the Space over-haul mod I meant kinda mass effect-star wars style. I am not a fan of Sci-Fi stuff with normal spacemen like space engineers


wow, welcome aboard @SluffTurtle! :smile:

nice model work! :+1:


Ya I get what your saying. Either way it would still be pretty cool!


Thanks, for the welcome and i’m glad you like my work!


I apologize for the inactivity i’ve had on this game, expect many more creations to be coming out soon!!