SluffTurtle youtube chronicles!

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update: Updated the brief description

Brief Description

Wazz up guys! I have taken an interest into Stonehearth and so I have started making videos for it. I am trying to come up with creative video ideas for the game even though it is still in its early development stage. Hopefully you guys enjoy my videos!! Also please leave feedback on my videos, I try to use it because I know their is something I could always work on, thanks.


If you do like my videos please subscribe to my channel here!: SluffCraft! Amplified Towny Server!

Here is link to my qubicle creations page: SluffTurtle's Qubicle Creations


I basically just play through the game a little bit in this video. It is actually one of the first times I played the game so I didn’t know too much about it haha.

I’m still newer to making videos so my commentary might not be too good in this video, but what ever.

(More videos coming very soon!)

nice work @SluffTurtle… keep it up! :+1:

if you haven’t already, you should post your channel over here:

Stonehearth @ YouTube & Twitch (Channel Overview)

Ya I did already, thanks! @SteveAdamo