And the sale is on!

So yeah, i got a bit crazy this evening and got Banished, Beyond earth and Endless Space in one go sins they where all on some nice sales.

Am I alone in this madness? Should i seek help? :laughing:

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Im just looking to get a pc with like black friday under 500

shouldn’t this go under other games or general discussion


No offence but you were a bit stupid in buying those games. Always wait for the last day!!! It’s when the best sales are on!!! (Just trying to be helpful and always remember this for future reference!, For too long I have bought games only to find out I could have saved €30 if I waited a day before purchasing.

Only problem would be that i wont be home tomorrow :wink:

Fair enough.


Oooh we need to take a game at some point :slight_smile:

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Sounds good to me! :smiley:

I don’t think i have you on steam? You can send your name in one of our many PMs.

is endless space any good? I have heard of it a lot and it sounds really fun.

Banished is awesome, good call. I have been hearing good things for State of Decay, so i bought it for 4,7 euros, along with Wargame : European Escalation which looks fun for a couple euros.

I think i also saw FTL somewhere, that’s another great game (and cheap)

You should ask thor sins he apear to have played it a bit.

Yeah, i find banished to be rather good! Still on my first town. So far so good.

My problem with Banished (at least when I last played it :stuck_out_tongue: ) was the population model - it seems to go along fine until the houses are all occupied, then crashes because full houses = no more babies made. Renting rooms, overcrowding and such would be a nice way of keeping a steady (or at least steadier) population.

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i think it’s mostly an issue at the start of the town. When you get to a higher population i think it is steadier, lots of folks dying, the kids take the empty houses etc. Also the boardhouse helps in that transition. But yeah, it’s one of its small issues.

I personally really like the game and both the tech tree and the warfare is something i really like (The warfare is a bit special though look it up and see if it would be something for you). The only really frustrating thing in the game is the diplomacy, seriously? It is socially acceptable to take people outposts, you don’t even need to be at war with other players/AI before they can take them (The same thing counts for fleets)

@Hobbit I’d agree with @thorbjorn42gbf. I’ve played it a bit and I enjoy it. If you like Civilization type games, its in that ballpark, but definitely has its own flavor. Also, yeah, diplomacy is ridiculous

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Half of all colony ships i lose is to Ai i am in cold war with.

fires are worse or have they fixed that