Endless Legends (pre-acces)

Anyone heard of this game? Just saw that it is coming pre-acces this thursday (24 april)!

A 4x turnbased hex strategy game. The ones familiar with civilization series know what I am talking about. Looks really pretty. races sound pretty unique. I dont know too much about it yet, but I am intrigued.


I know it and is just sitting here waiting for it to come out :).
I already own Endless space and Dungeon of Endless.


When is it due to release?

Would definitely have to agree with you, looks very intriguing indeed!

Anybody know what the price will be? Can’t seem to find anything, maybe I’m not looking in the right places.

then that makes two of us brother… google, why hast thou forsaken us?


I luckily only just found out :smile:

That makes 3 of us brothers. I guess we will know thursday.

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I heard a tiny little announcement about it from the Endless “Series” (for lack of a better word) Developers, but it looks really good so far, based on those pictures.

Color me excited, especially with Beyond Earth also coming soon!

(Note: Sci-Fi Strategy games are potentially the greatest invention that humanity has ever crafted.)


The Game has just come out on early access, Would anyone know whether it would be a better Idea to get the Classic or the Founder Edition?

If you scroll down a little on the Steam page there’s a chart/ graphics indicating the differenced between the two packs, for the short price increase founders definitely seems more worth it.

If you don’t have Endless space you can save a lot of money actually :slight_smile:
Also what am i going to do with all this discount coupons?

Anyone got and played this yet? Seriously tempted and want to know your guys thoughts and feelings about it.

not yet. I am not sure I can run it. minimum system requirements seem to be higher than my pc.

fine… i’ll buy it this weekend…

you really are awfully needy…

it’s a good think you’re so dreamy


Where were you Wednesday huh?! No, don’t answer that, I don’t want to listen to any more of your lies.

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Awww you guys are so sweet togehter :blush:

Alright, I’ve just bought the game. I’ll let you guys know what I think.

PS - I’ve already got Endless Space, so if anyone wants a free 50% off coupon for Endless Space and its DLC, just message me on Steam and I’ll send them to you.

PPS - Risk of Rain is 67% off! Get it while it’s hot! (It’s a really good platformer-action roguelike, I highly recommend it.)


Again, haven’t played this so not sure what I’d be getting myself into exactly!

Very very tempting, might just have to make a cheeky purchase, thanks @ManOfRet!

Bought it but have not played yet

Endless Space is a bit spreadsheet-y at times, but it’s very clean and is overall a fun experience… if you are a strategy game fan. And I mean fan as in a fan, not just liking strategy games in general.

Some aspects of it are a little bit restrictive at times, but I personally enjoy playing it.

UPDATE: It’s official. Endless Legends is a lot of fun to play, even at this early stage. I really feels like a true 4X, and, to me at least, it feels like it’s somewhat deeper than Civ 5, or at least has a lot of potential to be that way.

Let it be known that Endless Legends is certainly NOT Civ 5, though. The only similarity here is the 4X aspect of it. It’s certainly unique and enjoyable, and it’s possible to win by playing casually and also maximize everything through intense micromanagement.

All in all, 4/5 so far, just because of its feature-incompleteness.

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If you are going to buy endless space you need to be aware of the fact that the AI has this fun idea that it is totally acceptable to just murder you scouts when they meet you. Without needing to declare war against you first :slight_smile: