Banished - Released Today (18th Feb)!

This game has been mentioned in passing a couple of times, but I thought I’d create a thread for it as it looks pretty awesome; it’s a city-building strategy game (that’s why we’re all here right?).

There was an update yesterday with a good video on agriculture.

Check out the main website. There’s also a Kotaku article on it from today.

It’s set for release this year and is looking like a really interesting game!


If that soundtrack is in-game, they already have my undying attention.

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I don’t know why it wouldn’t be! That’s the dev showing it off so I guess you can rest easy!

Looks good, like a much more in-depth Dawn of Discovery. I believe I spent 56 hours on that if Steam recorded it correctly.

looks like it will be a good game.

thanks for the reminder, as this one completely fell off my radar… glad to know he’s still plugging away!

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That’s why I did it ha! I saw it whenever Kotaku ran the first article on it and then subsequently forgot what it was called and couldn’t find it again … Until today!

that really is odd, as i was just thinking about it the other day… are we siblings?

but yeah, it’s been mentioned in a few places here… will have to visit the developer’s site i suppose… :smile:

edit: yeah, after watching the latest video, i’m reminded why i was so interested initially… this is a very impressive effort, whether from 1 developer or 50… cant wait to take this for a spin… :+1:

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does this game have combat???

looks pretty cool, I like those city building games.

Not as far as I can see.

I think it’s more about creating a new town and ensuring its survival.

There’s nothing on here that indicates any combat.

no sir, its … well, a very realistic simulation of community survival, where your citizens work off the land, have children, grow old and eventually die… you know, i’ll probably just butcher the description that is spelled out nicely here

cant wait to play! :smile:

edit: ninja’d! glares


Well, the dev says that he might add combat in the future. He’s not adding it before release, because if he keeps adding new features he will never actually release the game.

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I missed this completely. I think I’m going to watch out for this one.

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In actual fact an unprotected village is probably going to be pillaged before long, If he wanted to make it realistic you would have bandit raids, and full on barbarian armies coming along and in times of war you might have deserters looking for some easy loot

point taken… :wink:

a very realistic, non confrontational, simulation… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love the look and the music/ambient sound. Also the pace seems to be just right for relaxation and not a chaotic fear fest of defense and retribution.
hmm, I wonder if it is moddable.

I think the point where I was sold was when he opened the orchard and had multiple fruit trees to choose from. Well that and plum ale :beers:


Well, yes there is that. But is it just him creating the game? I mean it looks absolutely fantastic. And as @Robinson3938 above said if he keeps adding new features he will never release the game! I’m sure if he wants to include combat it will be in there eventually!

I think it’d be quite nice actually to be able to focus on the creation and survival of your settlement without the worry of when the next raiders will hit. Also it looks exceptionally polished!

The choice in the orchards excited me a lot more than it probably should have …


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The selection highlighting reminded me of Diablo, coming to think of it the whole style reminds me of Diablo.

is this multiplayer because I believe we could make a stonehearth community kingdom and the lack of combat would make building our villages in peace really easy