Just a few days in... this game is something special

My wife was playing Stardew Valley and after watching her for a few days it didn’t really seem appealing. I’m more of a Settler’s , Dungeon Keeper, Sim City, AoE2 etc etc fan . I feel like the devs have not just captured something special here but really executing it amazingly. I spent a couple of days researching games like this and there is some real competition out there… there’s something special here and I can’t wait for more!


Hey @RallyPoint,

Glad you like the game! I too am a huge fan; it’s a game that really combines a lot of different elements from other games prior. A little bit of Sims, a little of Settlers, and a little of Sim City.

I’ll be honest, with hearing everything planned for this game - waterwheels, powered items and power / energy, destruction of buildings, waterfalls, fish, deer, birds flying around, and honestly just so much more - it actually is my favorite game! Here’s just hoping it stays on it’s current course.

I’m curious though, I’ve been trying to find some other games out there to play while I wait for Stonehearth. You said you did your own research. Have any recommendations on games?



Yeah the roadmap is juicy and the mod support is rad also!

Other games I almost bought…
Kingdoms and Castles
War for the Overworld
Dungeons 3
Godus (do not get this! )

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Good choice. Great dev team and a fantastic callback to the old Dungeon Keeper games.

Also… welcome to the discourse! Glad to have you :smiley:

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Yeah that game does look awesome and I may pick it up but for now I’m content!

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Kingdoms and Castles I’ve played. It’s a pretty fun game actually. Simple enough to get right into it, but also difficult enough that it’s fun, (as opposed to many games made nowadays). Plus for some reason it has good replay value. Also, as a fan, I should mention that it recently got updated to allow for merchants and ports, made the map size 4x larger, and added transport ships. Give it a shot! I’d recommend the game.

As for the other games, checked them out and they looked pretty good! Well, yeah, except for Godus… I think most of us know about that game. : D But I’m gonna give Dungeons 3 a try.

Thanks for the recommendations man!



Oh! I just remembered too… It’s a collector’s item nowadays, which means the price is actually WAY higher than it should be, and why I’m not buying it at this very moment…

But an awesome RTS game, if interested, is Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth, 1 or 2.

That, or Command and Conquer generals.

Ahh… when games were awesome…

Anyway, yeah, check them out. Later, brother.


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Godus is a trap, for sure. I love the art, the idea of shaping lands and stuff, but the game is tedious. I have been playing the mobile version, tho.
I’m very curious about Kingdoms and Castles.

Cool thanks!