Awesome Job On An Awesome Looking Game

I have just been watching a Lets Play on this on youtube - "Lathland"s latest one (shout out to the steam platform for learning about it in the first place) and i just created an account here mainly to literally say good job on an awesome looking game so far.

Awesome idea with awesome looking gameplay and this is coming from an almost 30yo oldschool gamer so definitely not someone from the “mainstream” crowd that would be happy just because you can build and do combat. You guys are definitely onto something pretty big here, potentially.

Mixing build’em ups like dwarf fortress, gnormoria, rimworld etc with not just combat but RPG/MMO elements including different classes for combat, random camps of enemies and the world around you generally being alive is an amazing idea that is oddly rare if not completely unique.

Rimworld and Gnormoria are the only other games off the top of my head that comes to mind that comes close but still aren’t quite accomplishing what this game seems to be so far, this game scratching an itch that even Rimworld couldn’t for me.

I know its early access but i’d still like to say that i hope alot more depth for the game is developed: - character/class progression, item/profession/mineral/material/gear variety and upgrading, etc. The world becoming more alive with many more unique different biomes, creatures, and enemies, more things on the map to make the world around you become more interactive, alive and potentially dangerous to explore and adventure around for loot - maybe chances for other human colonies both friendly and/or enemy to setup on the map somewhere until cleared (RTS against other factions with RPG and build’em-up elements? ftw) which could make things even cooler depending on the race of creature building settlements around the place. Maybe each race acts, fights and builds their base differently and maybe has slightly unique abilities and attributes in combat.

Make alot more of whats already here (instead of just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, making just enough of whats already been made before to finish the game to get it released) and this game will be a top seller for a long, long time to come.

Gj guys.