Thanks for a enjoyable and well maintained game

I understand most of the team won’t be here by the end of the year, so i want to congratulate you guys for the most intriguing and well thought out game I have played so far, better early than never, i just got done reading the post about Version 1, and as you guys are ready to move on, I just want to part words before it will be too late.

I have been apart of the community for over 2 years, I feel honored to have my ideas liked, and possibly hated, by such a loving community, I have been here since Alpha 13, and so see you guys add and remove, and Mod, and Remaster, it was like watching a kid grow up. Since then I have graduated High School, and I almost failed my computer class because I packaged up this game to play it nonstop, it was that fun! I watched as the desert got a facelift, with their own special shrines, I watched as loved mods were updated and shot back up to the main page. I was apart of this, of course I took time off, as most people do with games, but I kept coming back, something about playing “Deity” was fun to me, I had this experience before, the reason i found your game was because of "Timber and Stone" it was like this game, except it wasn’t supported anymore, but it got tiring and boring with TaS, but here, here was fun, I could build a great Kingdom, and forget to leave a door closed, and have it gone to dust. This game has a challenge and enough play, as much as I want to see “Pirates, Ninjas, the Magmasmith.” I understand the limitations, but man was the Geomancer so hyped up for so many alphas I am so glad it is coming. Along with Frostfeast and Candledark, things got interesting, I felt like I myself (I named myself as the Knight, every game I played.) watched as my fellow villagers no longer were in Gravestones and in bed forever waiting for my herbalist to take his/her precious time, but as I progressed with the game, I saw a village, Roads and Jobs, in mountains and in river shores. Hot arid heat and cool forests, I have been waiting for the Norses, and they came. Point is, I will be sad to see this game slowly start to stop, and I feel like so much could be put in, and Removed or remade, but I haven’t made a game, so i don’t know how hard it is. But what i do know, is that for 2 years, you guys have made me play this more than any other game, to put those 2 years in perspective, I have gone through 4 computers (Counting Upgrades), graduated High School, and all that, this game was the first I installed everywhere. I can’t wait for the community to make this a greater game with all the options available soon after Version 1, and 1.1. and to wish all the Dev team good luck on future things, maybe I might buy them too, who knows.

thanks for the game guys, it will always be in my Steam Library under the coveted “Favorites” tab.



Great sentiments all around!

But fyi the geomancer is coming at the full release. Spoilers about what it does in the recent twitch steam.

Nvm you edited. :slight_smile:

Edited that out, I noticed I put Geomancer instead of Magmasmith, both were on my mind

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