Just want to say I love Desktop Tuesday

Hello there,

A few words to say I love your desktop tuesday videos ! They are really nice to watch, instructive, helps to understand where the game comes from and where it is going, with some humour and lovely realisation. For a weekly video, it must ask quite some work and I salute that !

Keep going at it !

Oh, I already have the game on steam, but as it is going, I wouldn’t mind buying it once or twice again. :smiley:



hey there @Spidyy,

the Desktop Tuesday’s are definitely a highlight in my weeks too! i’ll page @sdee (the one who does most of the DT’s) for you, just to make sure she doesnt miss this :slight_smile:


I also enjoy them. This game is one of the finest examples of an early access game. While it’s not finished, they give an amazing amount of insight into their development process. It almost makes me want them to never finish the game. :slight_smile: