Homeworld Remastered: Feb 25th

Just watched this video from IGN on the Homeworld Remastered game from Gearbox:

It’s available for pre-order ATM (including on Steam :heart: ), and there’s a £100 hard copy version which includes a Hiigaran / Kushan mothership miniature (squeee!).

I loved the original Homeworld games, so to see them getting this treatment is excellent :slight_smile: .

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Looks awesome, how much is it on Steam?

£22.94, including a 15% off pre-order discount.

rubs hands together

Yes, please

Remembers that in euros it will be double the price


Google says it should be 30.73 euros :stuck_out_tongue: .

Still, it’s annoying.

27 euros with discount, and 7 euros if you are russian ^^ Even 40 euros wouldn’t be expensive for 2 remasters, and real one (model,texture, sound,recording, better use of hardware) + the new multiplayer thing with all Hw1 and Hw2 content and maybe some news fun things.

Beghins (complex mod maker) already got a version, he said that with this the improvements of the engine modding will be awesome, and he played a games with over 200 destroyers on screen without lags so battles will become bigger :slight_smile:

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It’s not that it’s worth it, it’s how much money is in my pocket that is the problem.

Wait for steam discount (6 months maybe more) or try to save one euros every day/two days. Try an exchange for others key code, several guys have some free key for Homeworld, ask on Homeworld 3 group on Facebook.

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Bumping to see if anyone else has played it yet. Looks absolutely stunning, and the pre-order model is a real beauty as well :slight_smile: .

ok the collectors edtion wasnt shown me because germany and only purchase in gb or america … but at the moment i play it and it looks very fine (full settings :smiley: ) - in 1 they have some bugs and they havent add the german voice from the original :frowning: