Planetary Annihilation

I just bought the full game! It’s going to be absolutely amazing when it comes out! Who else has bought the game? Maybe we could all play together.

P.S. It’s great to be back after so long (but honestly, I never left…)!

hey there @TUGenius… “welcome back”! :smile:

i never pledged for PA, but i did follow the campaign for a bit… is it drawing closer to a launch?

It looks awesome but until the price drops to at least 49.99 you can forget about me purchasing it.

Not got the game yet, but will probably get it in the future from what I’ve seen it looks pretty good and its definitely my kind of game as I used to play a lot of supreme commander.

I do have beta key from kickstarter. It is fun, but they still have a long way to go. expected release date is in december.

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I purchased the full game only yesterday @SteveAdamo!

I bought it for only $40 USD @NeoDraconis.

I hope we can play in December @Miturion, it would be great fun!

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yea will be fun. I prefer teamgames over 1v1 :smile:

I follow PA for a a while now as i grew up with TA and later i really liked Supreme Commander. Essantially it is a SC with planets. So if you liked SC1 u will like PA definitely. Its an interesting Game but up till now i dont know if im going to buy it.

I back PA right when it first went on kickstarter and i just got my beta key and its fun but for me right now its kinda unplayable with the performance issue i am having hopefully with the new patch they are putting out it will fix alot of my problems.