Green Man Gaming coupon!

Get it while it is hot about 30 mins left a bunch of pre-purchase games on there its 20% off so that’s pretty good in my opinion… Click here!

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i think i just missed the window… thanks for the offer though! :wink:

I caught it myself just a little too late. I picked up civ beyond earth. I figured if I could get the additional maps from the prepurchase at a discount it was worth it. I should probably check Green man gaming more coupons for 2 other games I bought in the last few months. I would have saved 20 bucks!

Superb find! Managed to grab Shadows of Mordor on the cheap(er). Thanks!

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I am glad someone got use of it. I caught it at 47 mins left… I grabbed the new civ game and then started spamming my friends to take advantage of it. I figured my fellow stonehearthians could use it.

Looks like civ is back, now at 25% off. Several others too.