Enter the Gungeon

If your a fan of games like The Binding of Isaac or Nuclear Throne then I think. You’re going to like this game.

It’s on sale right now on Green Man Gaming for 10% off.

Shameless Plug
But if you want an additional 20% off. You can use this discount code SKULL2-4SAVES-GAMING.

Is it really okay to promote the game?

Then explain it rather sending youtube. Its enjoyable

i see no problem with it, i mean, if we really didn’t want people to be promoting/sharing other games we probably wouldn’t have an entire category devoted to them…

You should see all the posts from poor @SteveAdamo lamenting all the games he must now buy. Undoubtedly he used his massive mod powers to hide this part of the forum in an attempt to save his wallet. :wink:


I made a video promoting it.

More game play.