Voxel Time: Paranautical Activity

Hey, guys. I was just checking Steam and this came up on the front page. Given that it is a voxel-ly game, I figured I had to post it on this forum. Like, I actually felt obligated to give you guys a link. Anyways, here it is.

It’s a voxelly first-person shooter, which I believe is in early alpha at the moment. It’s ten bucks for early access, and it looked pretty interesting. I doubt that I personally will get it, but hey, voxel obligations.

EDIT: It’s actually in an “extremely functional beta”.

man, another t-shirt idea!

yeah, i just saw this as well, as i was on Steam, getting upset at the discount applied to a game i just freaking purchased! pant wheeze

but i digress… yes, probably not for me, but it does look like it might be fun for a quick jaunt… :smile:

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Yes, post-purchase discounts are the utter worst.

I can’t bear this game. I don’t know. It’s just a complete rip-off of Binding of Isaac, with not very nice voxel art instead of the lovely style of Edmund McMillen.

Definitely not for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: However, anyone interested in seeing gameplay of this prepurchase, go to Yogscast Nilesy’s channel. He plays some and it’s where my hatred spawned.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never played Binding of Isaac, but comparing this game to Isaac is like comparing CoD to Team Fortress 2

with a ringing endorsement like that, how can i resist? :smile:

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Assuming your point is that they’re just of the same genre, and not actually necessarily the same, maybe. It is 3D, which is a rather large difference. However its gameplay is practically identical. You shoot enemies, you go to the next room, shoot them, etc. going through the entire floor to find the exit room. There is also a shop room, where you can buy things to help you with your current run. You can avoid the enemies but killing them’s sensible because you need the drops. There are also bosses on each floor (I think it’s each floor in Paranautical Activity). At the beginning you choose between different characters for different stats. All of what I described is exactly the same in both games.

Yes, the gameplay in most FPSs is very similar, but they differentiate through other things, like gametypes, ranks, customisation etc. But for Paranautical Activity, they’ve managed to make a 3D game out of a 2D game and just lost a lot of good stuff. And don’t say “But this is an FPS” because you shot things in BoI. It was just you played from an aerial viewpoint, not first person.

I edited that last bit out, I’m 100% certain I did. Errrm…Discourse? Why you messin’ with me, man? Just to clarify, my hatred is no fault of Nilesy’s videos, it was simply where I was exposed to the game.

This game reminds me of the game guncraft, except with better graphics and no gun-smithing involved