Voxels discussion - to voxel, or not to voxel!

if you guys want a game with religion: Godus is a good one, its a great voxel based game!

Godus is voxel based? and … good? :smile:

sorry, couldnt resist…


Yeah godus is considered voxel based and you play as the god.

its not the typical voxel based, its smoothed out voxels we will say.

I must ask where you got the idea that it’s voxel based, as a quick google reveals nothing to suggest that. I don’t think it is myself and I’m wondering why you think it is.

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well if its not then, then eh
but to me it has that sort of feel ya know.

I think you just don’t understand what voxels are then, they’re a way of storing the data. I’d say their curved cliffs everywhere and your control over them suggest there is polygons and possibly curves being stored for them. It’s possible that the ground could be stored as some kind of height map thing.

As for the actual topic of faith and religion though, I think the idea presented here is possibly a bit complex. However getting a themed religion based on race/faction and then having it be adjusted to your own variant throughout play seems interesting. The northmen start with one about being manly pillaging plunderers and lumberjacking and sailing all the time, however you could also tie in a very strong sense of bonds, cooperation, and camaraderie for the other side. The dwarves have a focus around the products of the earth and something closer to gaia ideas but with a shift towards all bounty of the earth than is normal, volcanoes can be holy sites and precious gems and metal can have religious significance. Something like the Akrobi I’ve given some planning for on here would have a very religion focused very much on the cycle of life, enlightment, the long term, and the greater good due to their effective immortality and telepathic network. [size=4]got an update nearly done there[/size]

All of those ideas are just taking major traits of them and then guessing how they’d make a religion, as I believe that religion is a product of people and that this can show. You don’t need to have active gods although it would work fine with the fantasy theme but just have it work similar to how it works in real life, it’s a source of inspiration and motivation, a way of judging things and something to believe in when nothing else makes sense.

but technically, castle story is a voxel based game, they have smooth polygons :3

Voxels are perfectly capable of being rendered as polygons, they are just a way of storing them that is different to polygons like how bitmaps are different to vectors. Take voxel farm as a perfect example of voxels that do not not look like any preconception of them you may have gained from things like minecraft and whatnot. Voxels can refer entirely to how you store the data internally, I’m pretty sure that they’re all rendered as polygons just because that’s what gpu’s are optimised for.
The dev of voxel farm walking around in it.

the new topic seemed fitting, as im genuinely intrigued now (@Xavion’s video did the trick) … :smile:

It’s fairly impressive stuff for what was iirc near entirely a one man job, to make it more impressive though have you heard of EverQuest Next? This is the engine they used, although on the blog he did say that they were taking it to whole new levels that they couldn’t do. The other two games I know of using it from the blog are TUG and StarForge, I’d suggest looking at the blog if you’re at all interested in procedural generation or the potential of voxels.

Some way of making the links stand out more could be nice, it seems quite easy to miss the fact I linked to the blog in my previous post.