Voxatron - Voxel Awesomeness!

Hi folks,

long time no see! I know, i totally own you an update on my 3d-printable board game on which i made great progress. But for now i just wanted drop by for a sec to let you know that you should head over to the official Firefox start page to play Voxatron right out in your browser without plugins and downloads (works with ams.js, you’ll only need the firefox browser and set the starting page to default)! Stumbled over this gem a while ago but now is definitively the time to check it out!

There is also the option to snag a great Humble Bundle with Voxatron and some other indie games for 5.50$ (or as much as u like to pay) for the DRM free/Steam versions! The best part of Voxatron seems to be the voxel based level editor where you can create your own animations, characters, pickups, music and build intricate interactive worlds out of them! Can’t wait to play with this thingy tonight! :space_invader:


@Pepe! so much to say, so little time to jump for joy… :smile:

I won’t bombard you with questions (yet), but it sure is nice to “see” your face again!

thanks for the link… I saw it in this weeks HB and was definitely intrigued… will give it a closer look this morning… :+1:

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I played this… I dunno, a year or so ago? The engine is impressive as hell. I would daresay it sets a standard for destructible terrain. I reloaded it recently and played a player-made level that had all custom enemies and weapons. It’s quite neat, give it a shot!

@SteveAdamo haha thanks sir for the happy-dance! Yeah i only can speculate about these questions u got in ur mind but i will give my best to answer them when i have updated my thread & we have the time for a chit-chat.

@LeadfootSlim yeah the destructible voxel terrain is one of the most amazing features. i also played some player made carts and these are fun, some of them are more like prototypes but fun anyway. still need to figure out the editor, but already managed to create some basic stuff… a lovely time sink for sure! :smile: