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Hi folks,

just love the game concept so far, thanks for living your dream Tom & Tony! :] I also have pledged and i’m so happy that there will be a mac port now! The last two days i soaked up everything on the dev’s blog and still can’t get enough of the screenshots & wip videos! ^___^

As i did find out that everything on this game is created with Minddesks Qubicle Constructor i headed over and started to play with it yesterday! What an awesome program, even as free basic version! As there will be some sort of possibility to port self constructed stuff into the game i couldn’t wait and started to created a few things. After my first attempts i noticed that scale/degree of details is very important and as it seems there are no templates yet. So i decided to re-build a basic soldier from a screenshot. I think i got it more or less accurate and i’m willing to share the gray soldier qubicle file with you guys but the last thing i want, is to breach copyrights! So if one of the dev’s reads this and gives me the good to go, i’m happy to make it available as download.

so here we go: my basic settler/soldier as scale reference (UPDATED version a few posts below!)

and as gray version:

now the glacier biome stretch goal inspired me to create a first home-brew monster: an Ice Djinn with his weapon! :] still WIP and the body need some more tweaking i think.

more soon… :]

Oh i have an idea that just popped into my mind: A fun thing would be to do here as community to do a weekly contest with a theme were we can work on an entry and some sort of voting at the end of the week (does discourse has polls?). What do u guys think? ^___^


Great work Pepe! Looks awesome!

I absolutely love this - would be really easy to change to different elements, fire etc.

Would also like to see a few different weapons, but absolutely great work!


I think you’re cheating. The game hasn’t even been released yet and you’re already modding it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be very awesome if we could get some sort of base template that allows us to see the size and general scale of the usual unit that way we could make units based on that including any structures you want ( for instance a tower of pimps from rooster teeths lets plays ) whats more making my own custom species has been put on hold till i get the scale for it down. but these are freakin awesome can’t wait too see more.

@BanditDragoon Not sure if you saw this in another thread:

In regards to releasing a template

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@Geoffers747 okay thanks and it makes sense i just hope for something soon so i can work on it ASAP but i understand they want to make sure they don’t change anything that will make our work invalid.

@djc thanks!

@Geoffers747 thanks a bunch! didn’t think of that but definitively a great idea to make some other elements as well! yeah and weapon wise i’m also not satisfied yet… i will try to modeling a few more tonight! i was thinking that he should be able to fire ice balls to the freeze the enemy! :]

@DAWGaMims haha no i’m not, just very enthusiastic!! lol

@BanditDragoon @Geoffers747 yeah i also did read this, and it totally makes sense from the developers side not to release some templates that will be changed later on… but to be honest, the community will not wait more than a half a year to start creating fancy new content & assets for the game, it’s way to awesome to just wait…! haha :wink:
So there need to be a solution for this… maybe some sort of templates without any guarantee and clearly defined that proportions/scale could change over time. As i mentioned on the other thread i won’t be angry when i have to rearrange & remodeling some of my stuff later on for the final release, it’s not fun but waiting is even less fun! So Tom & Tony, PLEASE let us voxelize our wildest dreams for this awesome piece of software you’re working on!!! :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I might start dreaming in cubes.

Very good, but the feet and the hands on the actual villagers aren’t connected to the body.

Wow! Lovely proportions and colors! So glad that you’re inspired to go all out with this art! Still talking with Tony and Tom about the template (they were out of town all weekend) but speaking for myself, seeing your stuff makes me excited to see more, so keep them coming!

How are you guys all liking Qubicle?


I love Qubicle, even the free version is amazing.
And for myself, same opinion as Pepe, I wouldn’t care if the models changed and I had to redo work, I just want to start modding :slight_smile:

@sdee Haven’t had the opportunity to truly get to grips with it, but rest assured I’ll be diving head first in a couple of weeks! It seems like a really cool bit of software, especially for someone who is so damn awful at drawing!

@Chaze007 yeah i just did take a closer looka again and you were right, the hands arn’t conected but the feets seems to touch the body, but of course they won’t be connected after rigging in Max. So i tried to update my first attempt and remodeled a quite a lot as there were more than a few voxles at a wrong position… i hope this version is more accurate now.

@sdee Thanks so much! And thanks for taking the time to discuss the template and user generated issue with Tony & Tom. Looking forward to hear what your plans will be on this. I’m so in love with the game concept & artwork so far and can’t wait to create more critters for this world! :]

Qubicle is way too awesome! I’m truly amazed how easy it is to start working with this program without any background knowlege! i was able to creates stuff after just a few minutes tutorial video. Also would like to mention that i had a some support questions today and the Developer Tim did answer me after a few minutes (yes less than ten minutes!!! looking at u filthy EA! :wink: with all the steps i needed to know! That’s what i call Support!

UPDATED Swordsman:


@Pepe these are looking totaly awesome can’t wait to see these models in action ;3

@sdee quibicle is pretty awesome so far it’s fairly easy to pick up maybe not as many tools … or rather not the right tools? like i could do with something where i can draw a cube selection to be deleted or filled. that would be great for larger objects but otherwise it’s great :smiley:

Your art is fine in the sense of the arms not attaching to the body, all the modeling made by the Devs you can see the hands aren’t connected, probably for an easier time for the animation.

@BanditDragoon thanks, yeah me too! :]

@CharlesCastr yeah i just did watch part of the live stream and it seems everthing will be sliced up and rigged as seperate voxel chunk in max.

Totally have to say that the live stream was very fun & informative! I think for now i will stay with qubicle and create some more static stuff, we’ll see what way Tom & Tony are planing for user content implenetation. I totally can understand why they need to think this through first as there are so many ways to do this…

awwwrg, already 3am on my side, need to take off my hand form these shiny voxels… need sleep now… ;]

“Ice Lance” update & a little “Ice Ball”


Wow with such a creative community, the game world is going to be just filled with exciting and surprising things to see!

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