Qubicle creations for the game

Hey I’m already creating some great ideas for mods to the game, but I were wondering if there’s a specific size for weapons, armors and other stuff ? i really want to release a mod as soon as possible.

There is for sure a size which the developers have in their mind. In one or the other video you will find e.g. a sword which you can take as a starting point. Also on some wallpapers you might find clues. However, everything is still subject to change. So there are no official models released yet and this might stay like it is until start of the Beta.

For reference here a link to the media-section of the website. Look for the wallpapers with the soldiers. They show swords and a hammer.

okay so theres nothing more precise than the model from the video :unamused: i hoped they posted something I just didn’t read, but ill just stick with the video size. Ahh yeah i can look at the wallpapers. Thanks

you might try heading over here or here as well… you can probably glean some base measurements from the other player created models… :slight_smile:

Someone was so kind to make the carpenter. He made it the same as the one shown in the livestream. Qubicle Creations . You can directly import it to your qubicle constructor.