Pepe's little voxel & board game corner :]

Thats really nice ! Do you plan to do the same for each elements (Fire …) ?

These look great! I hope to try out the software tonight, though i’m no artist.

You should upload the model file for others to get a basic work around your template :S

The devs have yet to reply and say if they are okay with it, since Pepe has said he wants to be sure before releasing it.

I don’t think you do requests, Pepe, but I would love to see character classes with this level of colour and diversity:

Explore Kevin Ross

Looking forward to seeing your work in game!

also want to give it an shoot :smile:

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@Rudy thanks, well i have just started to play with Qubicle two days ago and it’s superfun! for now i just want to try out & learn the programm. but i’m alway open to input and reference material so keep 'em coming! :]

@Keither thanksy, yeah it’s pretty easy to change colors so i probably will do some fire renderings when i have the time.

@Chaze007 @ernierock yep, we’ll wait for now, sorry. but keep up the great work folks & just have fun with QC!

@flich221 haha man your little lumberjack/zelda is awesome! for the amount of voxels just perfect!! would love to see a larger version with more voxels, so you can add more details.

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Yay! another day another late night qubicle doodle… i have to be honest it’s waaaay to kitschy and there are way too much hearts, but it was so much fun working on this little hearty chap! next time i’ll try to create something more grimly, haha! ^____^

meet SUPERHEARTY [vers 01]

now let’s see if this animated turntable stuff works…yay! :]


I’d feel really bad if that thing showed up and decimated my town. I can imagine it stomping around, acting super cute and innocent, while shooting out rainbow-colored death-rays melting my townspeople and razing my village.


@AKAtheMilkman haha your imagination made me laugh! a cuddly, stomping, rainbow firing pinky ball… awesome!! :slight_smile:
i definitively need to learn how to animate voxel stuff soon! :]

finally, after a long day at work i’m back with my first voxel experiment for tonight! I tried to import some pixelart into QC to generate some sort of clan warbanners for the ice kingdom! :] …still WIP and i think i will make normal flags out of these as the degree of details is just a little too much for a normal staff. What do u think?


I just want to tell you that you are phenomenal. All the work you’re putting into these is so appreciated. People like you are exactly the reason this game has so much potential and worth all the excitement! Good work, man :slight_smile:

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@Rudy thanks so much sir, much apprechiated! i’m so happy i stumbled over Stonehearth & Qubicle Constructor a few days ago. it’s so adicctiv to move around these shiny voxels and hopefully to be able to port some of my stuff later into the game! i will keep it up for sure! :]

yay, just had some time to work a little on new voxelized equipment: ice greatsword & ice bow :]


Looking great as usual - Just out of interest, what does the arrow look like with a darker ‘wood’?

@Geoffers747 thanks, i will try to make some stuff with other colors.

oh crap… again 4am. anyway here’s a first WIP of my “Giant Frog” mount i’m working on! :]


The frog isn’t pixellated (voxellated?) enough to fit the style. Tom explained that everything has to retain the right amount of “16-bit” feel. Remember that models can be drawn as small in qubicle but rendered as larger in-game, Cthulhu as the obvious example.

He doesn’t have to actually fit the style, I think it looks rather neat, maybe a tad detailed.


Wow, I really like the Ice Djinn. I really like how his face is sort of inside his body, covered by his hood, of some sort. The spear does look quite icy and really interesting, too. I think his hands are the only thing that sort of stand out as something that could be a little bit tweaked, maybe. I’d make them a bit more naturally proportional to the body and not as enlarged as you’ve made them. Nevertheless, I really like that! :smiley:

Could you show an FV and SV for the simple settler? Just so that we can get a definitive idea on the amount of voxels you use in order to create our own version? Just wondering on the size and scale of the settler is all. These all look awesome though ^^,