Fortress-Background for your use with Qubicle


Unfortunately we are (still) lacking a game where we can include our designs into. As I am curious to see how they look and feel in an environemnt, I have created the fortress you might know from this screenshot in Quibicle. If you like, you can just download the qmo-File and import your creations.

Have fun with it! For some visualization here a dude in front of the scene:


P.S. As this are quite some Voxels, you will want to keep the wire deactivated (otherwise your system might slow down).

P.P.S. Unfortuantely I have made a mistake measuring the size of the walls in the screenshot. The result is, that my door turns out to be one Voxel broader… just consider it a bonus for XXL sized characters ;-).

P.P.P.S. Even if the entrance is broader, no horses allowed inside the fortress ^^.

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good grief @voxel_pirate … attention to detail much?!? that looks fantastic!


Great work, i can’t wait to see more