FatKungFuu's Creations


Hello everyone! I recently started playing around in Qubicle Constructor and thought I would keep a thread to show off my progress! I’ve only been plugging away a bit over the course of a few days, but I’m looking forward to any feedback you all are willing to take the time to give!


You provide the models, and we’ll provide the feedback!

Looking forward to what you’ve made.


welcome aboard @FatKungFuu! :smile:

with a name like that, i cant wait to see what you produce!


It’s hard thing Qubicle Construction… I new a guy who trained for thirty years in the Appalachian mountains–with nothing but a canteen and dora the Explorer backpack, mind you-- picking berries off of bee stung goat horns so that he too could one day construct the Qubicle… Good luck.


Alrighty! Here’s hoping I can post some pictures now that I got my post count a little up (I’m a hardcore Lurker)!

The rifle was based off of something called a Long Gunner from the tabletop wargame Warmachine. I had to make some edits of course to accommodate for the need for more pronounced details, and it morphed in to something that I can call myself proud of!

As always, feedback is welcome!

Edit: Added some tacticool


totally awesome, love it. Looks very cool