Qubicle Creations

Looking awesome so far people … so i like things that go boom so i thought id make a cannon OwO i think it turned out rather well but maybe some corrections here and there but ill defiantly be keeping those wheels for later.

quick edit the gun was too far forward looking much better with this one. Might also make the wheels thicker not sure yet will have to experiment.


That looks amazing! Definitely sticking to coding from now on! :stuck_out_tongue:

Made this a little bit ago cause I wanted a black kitty with beta instead of the grey or orange xD Yay kittens


awesome stuff so far! i have dipped my toes into qubicle constructor as well but can’t share my creations yet as it seems new users aren’t allowed to share pictures… >_< anyone knows how to become a basic user?

edit: yay, just did become a “basic user” so i can share my stuff with u when i’m back from work! stay tuned! :]

Looks great guys! Looking forward to all the mods that will appear after beta release! :smile:

made this after seeing pepe’s work xD its to commemorate opening the glacier biomes


@Vex Needs more bobble hat!

Edit: Also, I’m not sure if this is intentional, but the different colour on the face makes it look like he (she?) has a weird smirk …

@vex That defiantly looks awesome i really do like the clothes :smiley: i may do one myself. i do think you should make a quick edit and put in a hyperlink to lead to Pepe’s thread tho but otherwise very awesome indeed.

@Vex you should share the model file with us ;p

Hey, I decided to mess around in Qubicle, so a made a hammer, here it is:


I especially like the contrast–Grim Reaper and lapdog. :slight_smile:

Wow! He’ll stand out in the snow for sure!

It’s a she, im not sure about sharing the model, its probably not on par with the legit one. Ill show you the back, makes it a little more clear that its a girl

@Geoffers747 im pretty sure i just did lousy shading on the face xD

@BanditDragoon I think thats a good idea. Ill do it if I can figure out how ^.^


@vex you can create a hyper link with the chain icon between the italics i and the " or you can just paste the web address directly and it will automatically make a link.

@Zoomafou that is an awesome looking hammer right there good work.

alright so i was messing around with the editor again and i made a lantern sorta thing also redid the cannon with new wheels and increased detail.

also lemme know if im over doing it with the rotating giffs


@BanditDragoon I like the lantern - an open topped one might look cool as well a little bit [urlhttp://www.lazysusanfurniture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Brazier1Vulcan__24980_zoom1.jpg]like this [/url], but obviously a 'lampified version!

@Geoffers747 yea however my problem is i don’t want it to be too big cuz it’s a wall mounted one and it kinda looked a bit too uh congested i guess? but i guess once we have an engine or world or whatever to put stuff in and test stuff out id totally make it functional.

@BanditDragoon Yer that’s true, is it possible to alter the size of the cubes you are attaching? If so that’d be pretty cool and help a lot.

For your lamp I was thinking perhaps cut the top off, and on the gaps inbetween the corners add arms in the middle that sit slightly higher/lower than the corner arms?

@Geoffers747 sure i could do that also if you hold shift while placing or drawing or deleting blocks it draws a line from the last point you clicked. i do want to find out how to increase the work area for the original object you create, oh and you can drag out a selection box that will select all of those blocks and those behind it. other than that i think that’s about all i know thus far.

@BanditDragoon click the button top left underneath the open file symbol, it should be called ‘resize’ - picture of a square with a double pointing arrow inside it. You can alter the work space of the object in there.

I hope that’s what you were asking!

I’m excited for the magma smith, so its time to Suit up

female character now given more girlish features hopefully ^.^