Qubicle Creations

Looks great guys! Looking forward to all the mods that will appear after beta release! :smile:

made this after seeing pepe’s work xD its to commemorate opening the glacier biomes


@Vex Needs more bobble hat!

Edit: Also, I’m not sure if this is intentional, but the different colour on the face makes it look like he (she?) has a weird smirk …

@vex That defiantly looks awesome i really do like the clothes :smiley: i may do one myself. i do think you should make a quick edit and put in a hyperlink to lead to Pepe’s thread tho but otherwise very awesome indeed.

@Vex you should share the model file with us ;p

Hey, I decided to mess around in Qubicle, so a made a hammer, here it is:


I especially like the contrast–Grim Reaper and lapdog. :slight_smile:

Wow! He’ll stand out in the snow for sure!

It’s a she, im not sure about sharing the model, its probably not on par with the legit one. Ill show you the back, makes it a little more clear that its a girl

@Geoffers747 im pretty sure i just did lousy shading on the face xD

@BanditDragoon I think thats a good idea. Ill do it if I can figure out how ^.^


@vex you can create a hyper link with the chain icon between the italics i and the " or you can just paste the web address directly and it will automatically make a link.

@Zoomafou that is an awesome looking hammer right there good work.

alright so i was messing around with the editor again and i made a lantern sorta thing also redid the cannon with new wheels and increased detail.

also lemme know if im over doing it with the rotating giffs


@BanditDragoon I like the lantern - an open topped one might look cool as well a little bit [urlhttp://www.lazysusanfurniture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Brazier1Vulcan__24980_zoom1.jpg]like this [/url], but obviously a 'lampified version!

@Geoffers747 yea however my problem is i don’t want it to be too big cuz it’s a wall mounted one and it kinda looked a bit too uh congested i guess? but i guess once we have an engine or world or whatever to put stuff in and test stuff out id totally make it functional.

@BanditDragoon Yer that’s true, is it possible to alter the size of the cubes you are attaching? If so that’d be pretty cool and help a lot.

For your lamp I was thinking perhaps cut the top off, and on the gaps inbetween the corners add arms in the middle that sit slightly higher/lower than the corner arms?

@Geoffers747 sure i could do that also if you hold shift while placing or drawing or deleting blocks it draws a line from the last point you clicked. i do want to find out how to increase the work area for the original object you create, oh and you can drag out a selection box that will select all of those blocks and those behind it. other than that i think that’s about all i know thus far.

@BanditDragoon click the button top left underneath the open file symbol, it should be called ‘resize’ - picture of a square with a double pointing arrow inside it. You can alter the work space of the object in there.

I hope that’s what you were asking!

I’m excited for the magma smith, so its time to Suit up

female character now given more girlish features hopefully ^.^


@Geoffers747 yes that is exactly what i was looking for :smiley: thank you not sure if theres an actual drawing tool while in matrix

@Geoffers747 I was looking for that too, thanks a whole lot xD

@Vex that magma smith looks awesome are you gonna create a race of amazons with purple hair OwO? that would be pretty cool.

@BanditDragoon I really should xD Nah though the purple haired chick is just my normal avatary character. Usually first kind of human thing I make ever ^.^ Next I think I wanna tackle some monsters and whelplings