Qubicle Creations

@Vex @BanditDragoon No worries guys, I’ve only briefly looked at the software, really busy with essays etc at the mo, but once they’re out of the way can’t wait to get stuck in and create some stuff!

@Geoffers747 awesome i look forward to your creations :smiley:

Unfortunately you’ll need the paid version of at least $40 for Qubicle to export, and add your own animations like in the stream…disappointing.

@Chaze007 they have stated there will be an independent editor that will come with stonehearth and that they will be like infantile at first and such can’t remember the thread i saw it on and if it’s save files i should think the editors can open the qubicle file types.

Yeah, but I don’t think that’ll give access to custom animations and the sorts.

Well im not sure O.O it is very possible they will have an animation editor other wise creating your own custom settlers would become very difficult. not to mention say making a mill or other moving structures and parts. It would make sense they would include an animation editor i think at least.

Well, if you watched the stream, like I did they used 3DS Max and Qubicle, using Qubicle to export as .obj and 3DS to animate, which wouldn’t be a problem, except the export function of qubicle costs $80, if you’re not a student.

@Chaze007 well we will have to see i guess i mean it’s not until this December when they plan on unloading the beta and they have raised a lot of money so maybe they will include or make their own editors based on other editor? - le shrug -

Does the Qubicle basic version allow for the export or saving of creations (is it a .qb file)? If so it might be really interesting to do some reverse engineering and write an open source converter to .obj format.

It saves as .qmo :C hopefully you can check into it.

My first qubicle creation. ;o


Descided to have a go at making a dog, it started to look like a turtle so I just went with it…


@zoomafou His name, is Heisenberg.

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A turtle with a hat - brilliant!

After watching the live-stream yesterday I gotta say I’m a little discouraged doing my own modding, because it seems much more time consuming than I expected. But I guess i can and will mod my own turtle, including animations!

My turtle will receede into its shell when scared, and lay down, resting his head on his right front foot, when idle :slight_smile:

I do enjoy that turtle. I’m currently working on a squirrel (red), with similar voxel density to the rabbits we’ve seen in the game. Is proving…tricky, but getting there. Even more fun is figuring out how it would animate, given it’s rest state would effecitvely be bipedal sort of sitting, and movement would be quadrapedal. I like squirrels.

@Vex awesome! really like her so far, great work! :]

@Chaze007 haha great first creation, totally like his legs and theeth! ^^

@Zoomafou now that’s a noble turtle! :]

@Decho awww, love squirrel as well, can’t wait to see it!

@Pepe You should join us in the irc! It;d be nice to have another artist to talk to. C;

Alright so when i saw the turtle with the top hat i had to make this I HAD TO … BEHOLD the mine turtle.
okay yea not the image i really wanted for it but it’s a rough one at best i might work on it a bit more later.


@BanditDragoon I feel like ground pounding yo turtles back xD See how far I can fly