Qubicle Creations


Now there needs to be like thousands of them, cute animations and huge explosions!

Cause you can never have to many pirate katz


@Vex omg that is too cute TOO CUTE good job i want that kitty pirate

Some more test work to get used to the program


I have no idea what that is but I like it. =P

I love it! We should make an entire cat clan similar to the rabbit clan.

@Drew I’m totally pro cat clan xD Hopefully there will a few non human races

@Gazz i do believe that is a Zealot from starcraft

@Chaze007 quite the rendition as well. good work sir Kudos to you.

Being the weeaboo that I am, I made some Japanese swords. I will make armour when they release a template model.

Katana (Samurai Sword) with sheath:

Naginata (Samurai Pole-arm):


Hopefully we’ll have a creepy carnie at some point. xD those events and the creatures inside freak me out a bit

and a cute little battyfriend to join him

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Then Heisenberg he shall be. (on a side note… City and Colour is awesome)

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@Vex awesome! love the the pirate kitty & the creepy carneval guy!! such a kewl chap to animate, i see him spinning arround with his arms and punching innocent settlers to the ground ^^! :]

Getting my voxel feet wet with a few workshop stations:

First up, the pottery wheel. I think I saw potter as a class on the tree from the kickstarter. If not, it’s an important job regardless.

Next, a bee box; farming bees would be a neat way to access some unique resources. I think having a distinct beekeeper class would be a bit niche, so maybe it’s another job the farmer could do?

Finally, the firepit, where I’d assume the first basic meals are cooked before anyone progresses farther down the chef class route.

Let me know what you think.


If these are you first attempts at voxel-editing I would commend you on them. I plan on getting into qubicle sometime soon and have been getting a lot of inspiration from you guys.

@bladjian Those are awesome definitely inspiring me to make some sort of tent or wooden shack that you would use at the very beginning of the game or maybe lean-to ill have to work on it later today but excelent work regardless :cool:

Ok here are some of my test squirrels, very much a work in progress. The reason as I said earlier for the low polycount was to retain approximately similar voxel desnity to stonehearth’s existing critter, the rabbit. I’m not really happy with the ear and I’m not sure about how the tail joins with the body either. Also still working on the colour, though I think that’s pretty close now.

Anyway, thoughts would be appreciated.

Also extra render of it not in a T-pose:


A first version of my little dragon…just working on rigging it now…


Rigging it? So did you purchase qubicle?

Yes I did! Awesome tool! I love such stuff. Even though I’m not an artist. It’s fun messing around with it…

You should join us in the IRC! C: I’d love to use you to export my models…er I mean…have a nice chat! C: