Class Idea: Beekeeper

been thinking of how we could have animals, and i thought, why not bees?

What he does:
He keeps bees, and crafts useful items out of bee-products

Item used to promote:
this would be tricky, as theres many different items one could use, but i think a smoker would be best (basically a can that smokes out the bees) could be made out by blacksmith (when available)

What he would look like:
mostly white clothes, with some darker highlights, and a hood with a net on it, as well as holding his little smoker

How to get bees:
bees would spawn naturally on random trees, are rare, and would be a deterrent for tree chopping early on (bees hurt normal peons) but a bee keeper could pull the hive down, and put it in a specially constructed bee-house (carpenter recipe, since wooden) these bee houses would function similarly to berry bushes, but would have a random chance of getting either honey (common), beeswax(rarer), or another queen for a new beehouse(rarest)

What he could make:
candles (beeswax)
honey (low amount of hunger fulfillment): could be used by chef to make other foods have better hunger fulfillment
candy (happiness + low hunger): berry flavored honey, mmmmm
mead (supplies the honey for the brewer): basically honey wine
Stained wood (propolis)

Pre-requisite classes:
Carpenter for beehouse
blacksmith for promote item

Whats your thoughts on this one guys?


I think using a beekeeper helmet or gown thing would be a better promotion item and would fit the medieval theme much better than a pressurized can, this in turn would change one of the pre-requisite classes from a Blacksmith to a Weaver.

It was also mentioned here that the game currently doesn’t support multiple (different) item drops so you might need to rethink the multiple drop thing.


Panic ensues!

I actually made a start on this in Qubicle some time ago, and it seems we have very similar ideas with the class.

I believe there are other models floating around the discourse (I choose you @SteveAdamo! - go seek!)

Gets my vote :thumbsup:

Edit: Too late Adamo! You’re fired!

I think its a really good idea, however!
Would it not be better with something like 2 honey and 1 beeswax per harvest? The honey is after all inside hexes of wax.


7 minutes… well, I cant say its the shortest job I’ve held!


Love this idea and why I suggested that the carpenter should be able to craft an apiary. Other craft ables surrounding the bee keeper would probably be things like bee suit, bee catching net, perhaps a smoker…

Aside from wax and honey I think it would be nice that farms near the apiary have a slightly faster growth rate.


Maybe beekeeping would be the way of developing/unlocking new crops by crosspolination?


Actually, the can isnt pressurized, its simply a metal can with burning stuff inside, the design hasnt really changed for a long time irl, but its ultimately up to the devs if they wanna do this or not so if they want it a clothing item so be it, but based on the already revealed classes, tools were used, not the clothing

this was just a basic rough sketch, the idea i had was honey would have more uses, so it could drop more often as opposed to the wax, which is only currently used in candles, but again, up to devs

the weaver could make the suit maybe as an upgrade perhaps? like faster drops or so? the smoker is what was intended for the promotion tool, and was a blacksmith recipie, and i think i touched on the apiary being a carpenters thing, or perhaps the beekeeper could use some wood and make it himself?

I guess I just like the idea of certain items requiring more than one specialty to make, like a fishing rod could be a carpenter/weaver combo

i like both, especially the new crops idea, like maybe a strawberry plant from corn/turnip crossing?

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Sounds awesome! But a more general one may work better like animal worker for bees and breeding rabbits etc

Not very pretty, but my first quibicle, anyway, my first, rough, alpha attempt at a beekeeper, what you guys think?

on an unrelated note, i seem to be unable to place more blocks, anyone know why? and is there some sort of translucent color palette available?


I think it is a very good start… although the iconic face mesh is missing. All in all it is pretty good. You could also dye the white to a sandy colour and suddenly he will be an archaeologist lol

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Well, but that was specific to crops, wasn’t it? Since that used baskets for collection by the farmer. The trapper gets multiple items from trapped animals, after all. Although actually, come to think of it, if they function similar to berry bushes… these also use baskets, so you may have a point. However, since it’s a suggestion, it’s referring to the future of the game, so the current limitations of the game might not be as relevant.

Off the top of my head, because you’re using the wrong brush, because you’ve not double-clicked an object to edit it, or because you’re trying to add voxels beyond the bounds of the object you’re editing.

Not as far as I know. Still, the netting is pretty thin and transparent, so it may not matter too much.

Hmm… I wonder if @sdee or someone could help here: would it be possible to code the hat (well, anything really - eg for windows) to merge an opaque model with a transparent one, and lock them in place relative to each other etc? I’m just thinking that a second model, for the net, could be coded as transparent (like the ghost models for objects), as a way around QC not doing transparent voxels.

Anyway, nice model :slight_smile: .


Updated the guy a bit, fixed some coloring issues, figured out my block issue and widened the hat, but until i can figure out how to do a decent mesh that doesnt turn it into a helmet, hes pretty much done for now

on to the next model :3


now for some sweet honey, v1