The beekeeper class

something I sketched after ±3 days of StoneHearth.

Since I’m a honeybear of sorts, beekeeping should definitely be added to the game at some point imho, but that’s just me.
If you guys have any other suggestions on what could be doodled, feel free to let me know! I’ve got some time on my hands and drawing skills that need to be trained.


I love the sketch dude :smiley: I’d love to see more of your artwork in the near future.
About having a beekeeper class, I can already predict what others will say.

“too many classes, the beekeeper is too specific.” I agree with them for the core of Stonehearth’s gameplay. But potentially later down the road to fill in more content.

way cool that way the mead will flow my brothers. drunk footmen can lead an angry mob of hearthlings to raid goblin camps at a bonuses for attack. :guardsman:

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Looks amazing!

You did a really good job at keeping the feel of!the game splash screens!

Also, you do voxel modelin?

I imagin you being pretty good at it

[quote=“TurtleSquish, post:2, topic:13491”]
I’d love to see more of your artwork in the near future.
[/quote]So do I, but as I said, I’ve got no clue on what to draw ^^’

[quote=“GreenDragon, post:3, topic:13491”]
drunk footmen
[/quote] I seriously HOPE that the mead/beer/whatever will make our villagers drunk when they have a feast!

[quote=“Hyrule_Symbol, post:4, topic:13491”]
You did a really good job at keeping the feel of!the game splash screens!
[/quote] You might recognize the herder, I might’ve stolen that ^^’

[quote=“Hyrule_Symbol, post:4, topic:13491”]
Also, you do voxel modelin?
[/quote] Never did, got any tips on where to start?

Thanks for the compliments people!

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Well…, you can buy Qubicle Constructor 1 or 2 HERE (a paywall a suppose)

You can study some models in the game and try understanding how they’re made if you want to add the models into the game (i can help you in that if you want)

Just trying to keep the general feel of the other models in the game helps (scale, hue, saturation, ect)
and a bit of practice

Well, to get some depth into crafting and classes that would be a nice addition, and IMO it would also fit very well into the Cute-i-verse of Stonehearth. Honey for the cook’s recipes, maybe even as a lure for the traps…

Even turnips go down much better when covered with honey…

I feel like a beekeeper class may not be so much of a class as it will be a duty of a later class, if bees are added.

i absolutely love it!

and for the brewer/brew-master to make mead.

thinking about the brewer and brew master, why not draw them?

That got me thinking about designing a pub… TIME TO GO BUILDING!

Nice work. If they add bees and honey, better add bears too! :slight_smile:

Fantastic idea! I agree it’s too specific of a class for right now, while the dev team is still cleaning up the code so we can get more hearthlings. But once they’re done? When we have tons of hearthlings in our towns, specialized little classes like this will be the perfect way of adding flavor.

Brewer was another good class. Innkeeper would be great, too.

If the devs are willing to put in the time and effort, there’s really no limit to how deep you can make the game.

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