How about beekeepers

I was thinking that a beekeeper would be an amazing class.
It’s tool would be the beekeeper’s veil made by the weaver. And the player would designate a place for the hives much like a farmer, and would go around to the hive and get honey that could be used in cooking or speed potions ( honey has lots of sugar so sugar rush). Beeswax could be used to make candles.
His abilities could go along the fact that bees are pollinators and increase the yield of nearby farms or farms increasing the hives yield. Another ability would be used as defense, when a monster enters a certain range they will be attacked by the bees loosing health every few seconds.


Well the cookmod produced by @Froggy has bee hives in it that you create with the carpenter, after completing a simple quest.
[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.92

It does not go into creating a new class, as your post describes but if you like bees, this is a start :smiley:

I would really love to see something like that! I know that the stonehearth cafe has it kind of but still…a class would be awesome :slight_smile:

I’ve often thought of implementing the beekeeper class, but… I dunno, seems like a dangerous rabbit hole to go down.

What’s next? Forester to chop trees, a brewer to brew ales, the list is potentially endless. Before long you’ll have soo many classes to juggle that you’ll have no workers left to just build things!

Well that is true but the beekeeper would actually be helpful the honey and beeswax have many possibilities ( cakes and such for honey and candles from wax ) you could also have propolis ( this is used to seal up the hive ) as an ingredient in healing potions or bandages. PS propolis is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. And honey is just the first and the third. And the example of the forester is a slippery slope logical fallacy.

Plus you can help raise awareness of bees, last year America lost 50% of all its bees and this is not sustainable. Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying that is the bees die humans would follow a few years later

That is the nice thing about this game, you can make mods for items and classes that have importance to you.


I think this would be a nice idea too. The class wouldn’t have to be a necessity but a nice to have, perhaps a progression from the farmer.

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I, being a huge fan of bees, am willing to fully support you in this proposition![quote=“Froggy, post:4, topic:22350”]
a brewer to brew ales

Isn’t this already a planned class?

don’t know if workers will ever get levels but if yes they could get at a certain level the ability to work on the bee hives as a task, with workers getting levels it could open all kind of new tasks that are maybe too little to create a hole class for it.

Glad to see someone else that likes bees, do you have any hives? This year we have 8.

Unfortunately, I have no hives to speak of thanks to my local homeowners association, but, it’s an interest I much appreciate dabbling in regardless.

this is such a cool idea and theres so many things that this can add like foods such as candy or just the sweet natural nectar it already is, candles and lighting but also things like more elaborate sculptures such as the process for metal cast sculptures oh just the thought like the wax precast process. and with the boosting yield thats also awesome! i hope this makes it into the game so much! if not someone will hopefully make a mod