Okay if I just throw in a list of possible new Jobs?

Btw anybody who is modding feel free too. :slight_smile:

-Separate Leather and Leather Armour from Weaver.
-Tanner creates Leather and Leather Armour
-Tanner is a promotion for Trapper. Level 1 or up (or Shepherd Level 1 or 2)
-Get more Leather from animals kept by Herder.
-A skinning knife to get access to Job. (But who crafts it, Blacksmith are ‘late’ in the game and then you’ll want to start crafting Metal Armour (or did some still need Cloth or Leather?)

-I think this will look really nice in the game and cute.
-Honey for Potions, beverages, just as food, goes well on bread, pastries
-Wax for candles, allows for more decoration
-Maybe a Promotion for a Farmer or Shepherd

-To fish from a dock, a fishing Heartling, the cutest.
-Or from a rowing boat
-No level requirements, just a fishing rod.


Would need an equivalent of streetlights or it should count for any light source that is not placed under a roof or placed in a closed area that would be a house (except mines and underground) .

To have a Hearlting walk through the streets and light all Lights (making the Heartlings happy) and also douse the lights afterwards. So you’d need enough to light the city/town in time.

Or let a worker do it like the Firepit.
Heartlings shouldn’t like dark areas just like cramped areas and worse dark cramped areas :slight_smile:

Hiya cursedth.

Beekeeper sounds like it would fit very well with the herbalist? they need something to do anyways :sunny:

Tanner, as you described yourself should defently have a better foundation to exist other than the resource?

Fisherman… This class have been talked and debated quite alot on the discourse. try and give it a search up in the right corner and you will find alot more info :slight_smile:

Lamplighter… not a bad idea, if implemented correctly, it could certainly bring more life to the game, i know that the lighting of the firepit do at least!

Great suggestions.
(i love your profilepicture :wink:)