New Jobs,auto-mining,new farming

I think this game can get new Jobs like= person who can mine automaticly for certain resources)
2.Gatherer(A person who will gather any nearby organic’s like berries)
3.Animal Tamer/trainer

New farming=
1.berrie farm
2.Bee farm

Maybe also having cows ?
Which will be auto milked ( like the poyo drops eggs random)
A shepherd should go milk the cow after a time periode.
Then they could be slain for ground meat and cow hide :slight_smile:

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The team’s said before that they don’t want just the typical animals, so we may get yaks instead.


No no no,
FLYING Yaks with LAZERS on their nose

I like your farming idea but
auto-mining, I really do not want that.
she/he would destroy the environment if the hearthling would do this automatically without control


I don’t think we need a new job for ‘Gatherer’ - we should just get a new designated zone which auto-harvests whatever is inside it when the item is ready, be that a tree or bush or whatever.

I also agree with groms about the auto-mining:

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the auto mining would be best to work similar to farming as you can place a zone so dat they can only mine in that zone
as for the farming new idea that I think should be added are orcheds(apple,grape,peach,orange)

Agreed, more tasks for some classes are needed, especially if you think about the crafters which need some automatic daily businees if they don’t perform special player ordered jobs like building/crafting etc… So tasks like foraging and gathering wild plants can be tasks for trappers and herbalists. I actually disagree on creating a new class for every little tasks, while we even got enough fitting classes. It’s like the often suggested miner, what would he do if there is no mining work? act as hauler? So suggesting basic harvesting jobs is also a bit unfitting, simply because we gather more stuff than we actually use. Just look at the farmer, 1-2 is probably enough to yield food for 10-15 hearthlings and they wouldn’t starve, since you already can manually harvest berries every 24h, but the game asks for a unrealistic amount to reach a new hearthling as somekind of game progress.