New Jobs, And other random thoughts

Hi all had this thought last night and thought I would see what ya all think.


A simple gardener whome you select a work area for (Like the trapper) And he/she will potter around harvesting the plants that regrow (Berry bushes/flowers/silkweeds ect)

Some craftables for them would be…

A compost bin - Take a basket of food (Good food or bad food, choosing bad food over good food) and a block of clay put it in and get a good old dirt block out (Useful if you want to have a farm on a mountain or generally just fill in holes.

Wooden/clay/stone and metal flower pots (Pots made by the other professions, The other professions no longer make the flower boxes (Just the box)

New carpenters item

Medical bed (Comfy bed + Healing potion)

Use - Injured/sick hearthlings will head for medical beds (Instead of there own) Where a herbalist will treat them.

Hunter (Replaces trapper, But produces the same stuff) Upgrades to shepherd or archer

Just a few thoughts :smiley:

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The gardener is already in a mod, the settlement decor mod I think.

Also maybe having it so you can designate any bed as a medical bed would be better than having a different craftable item.


the gardener is already in the ‘‘Settlement Decor Mod’’ and is a really popular mod in its own, probably worth to check that one out.

I like the idea of medical meds. Because when a hearthling is ill/injured it makes sense that they would pay the herbalist a visit so he/she can patch them up. And i’m also not too sure about having a new craftable, assigning a certain bed to ill/injured people makes more sense to me.

But im not too fond of upgrading my archer which needs a high body stat from a ‘‘hunter’’ who would need a high compassion stat.

Why does a hunter need a high anything stat.

Going Hunter > archer or Hunter > shepherd should cause no issue at all.

High body stat hearthlings are either knights or footmen. Archers should NEVER get hit (It’s been that way in EVERY game that uses Archers) If ya archers are getting hit, Either you don’t have enough knights to keep the bad guys busy or you’ve lost already lol

I Generally use anyone for archers or farmers, It’s two jobs where you can place the low stat guys and they will perform more or less the same.

Ya want a shepherd then make a hunter with high spirit and promote to shepherd at level 2.

As for the bed suggestion, Yeah that would work too. Would be cool if on the fancy beds an icon appeared on the cover to reference who owns it.

Wheat for a farmer, A spoon for a cook, A red cross for a medical bed.

tbh I like that idea more :smiley:

I thought archers did more damage with a high heart stat?

Not in my experience (If they do it aint much more, Besides they don’t need it they do insane damage when lvl 6 with the tier 2 bow)

Again it’s just a thought

I never said anything about archers getting hit or something akin to that. But i’ll explain why they would need a high body stat in my opinion. And why it then wouldnt make sense to come from a hunter who would need a high compassion stat to a archer who needs a high bodystat.

The body stat influences the damage output of an archer. To put it into perspective.

6 bodystat archer with a recurve bow and lvl 6 does about 41 damage per shot.
1 bodystat archer with a recurve bow and lvl 6 does about 36 damage per shot.

Thats 12% more damage but, enemies have armor which reduces damage by a flat amount equal to the armor value. And this is where it does matter in my opinion. The higher the armor value of a mob the more the bodystat of an archer matters. Mainly because they will be doing more flat damage to the mobs.

Lets say a mob has 25 armor,
the 1 bodystat archer will do 11 damage per shot, while the 6 bodystat archer will do 16 damage thats 42% more damage. This is a huge difference, especially if the mobs have more HP as well as is on hard mode.

So the harder the game mode and the harder mobs you are facing it matters more. Also because this will decrease the pressure on the clerics and knights. Because they mobs will die faster.

Keeping this in mind it wouldnt make sense upgrading my archer from a hunter in my opinion.