Some ideas you might want to read ... :D

Ok, here are MY ideas, take it or leave it:

  • The fisherman job, indeed to use the water taht is given to us for something at last
    (may require Lvl 2 trapper to get the job plus 1 wood and one string to make the rod)

  • Meet the mounted knights ! i know we got useual knights but doesn’t it happen a lot of time to you taht sometimes you’re being attacked and your knights kill the invaders too late to save your citizen(s) because of their low speed ? well fear no more with these quick knight, that may require updates and a new job i’ll list 2 “-” under this one.

  • Meet the Archers and mounted archers ! yea i know archers are on their way but since mounted kngihts could come, why not mounted archers too ? adding differents types of ranged weapons (from bow to slingshot trought a real gun (the really old ones) also maybe add cannons ? no just kidding about that one, would be useless unless they add some kind of ennemy fortress

  • Meet the Trainer ! you’ve surely seen those pesky wolves around your camp and some missions to free them ? well guess what … this job could be used to train wolves, horses and donkeys to do your filthy work (wolves for pure attack or guarding, horses for man transport or maybe add chariots and stuff like that) and donkeys for pure material transport (instead of seeing your dumb peasants run 2km for 2 pieces of stone ^^ (i advice a whip or something like that for the tool, i’ll say a string and some leather … for the horses, a saddle made of 2 leather and one string too and for donkey mutlipes saddles that varies depending on what container you use on the craft (a 2 big wooden box saddle will have less space than a 2 stone chest saddle, duh …)

  • Meet the Mage ! cause why not ? as far as i know it’s medieval time and we got a weird icon on chest saying “exotic stuff” that STRANGLY ressemble a wizard staff, but still … a wizard could be used on many differents ways, using spells to accelerate seeds’s growing speed, burn your ennemies alive, heal your warriors or protect them, maybe craft some powerful magic artifacts like a magic shield ? also enchanting, obviously :smiley:

  • Meet the Herbalist ! (sorry if i made a bad translation there, you know google) a job that would require farming AND cooking at both level 2 before being unlocked to an heartling, this job have the ability to make serums and meds for various deseases from various plants in the forest

  • As previously stated, desease would make the game a little better, creating unusual ennemies like a plague-contaminated zombie, that would contaminate your citizens upon hit and make them die the slow old way, or simply have an epidemy of … cold :smiley: so taht your citizens are grounded to their beds for the day or until heal …

  • Friendly cities OR anything that would make you feel less lonely ! listen, i get this is a sandbox game and stuff about YOU building YOUR OWN city, but at some point it’s not funny or good without some friendly AI in the game, like a not-growing city where you can actually USE that gold you get ? maaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyybeeee … ? please ? u_u

  • The ability to build underground, everybody wants that, i want my dwarf fortress ! NOOOW !

  • Fixing the fact that setting points for groups to go on city defense mode is totally useless since they all run to the invader no matter what, you’ll loose many citizens like this,believe me

  • Do something about the game optimisation, being locked by your PC perfomance to 15 heartlings is a little frustrating … do’nt you think ? i know devs are doing their best and honestly they’re doing god’s work here, but can you guys try to optimisate that a little ? and maybe add some of the stuff mentionned above ? :slight_smile:

  • Please my Illuminati mode can’t stop to tilt here, reveal who that guy that is “the one watching you” and shooting an arrow with the same message every morning until i finally attacl that god damn wolf camp :smiley: (ok, that one is fake, don’t murder my face ;_:wink:

that’s all for me here, glad you took the time to read the ENTIRE post (a real roman i must say) and if you didn’t and skipped here to the end, SHAME ON YOU :smiley:


Some really cool suggestions! I recall that it is planned for the geomancer, a mage-like class, to be implemented later into the game, but so far, I don’t think there has been any progress on it yet.