A little suggestion

Hey everyone, I hope all is well!

I’m playing the game right now and read one of the villager’s journals and she mentioned a silly event about almost hitting a bee hive when chopping trees down. I was thinking that would be a interesting little event in the game. Maybe some random trees could have bee hives and if you accidently hit the hive your villager gets stung and their morale goes down or maybe they go a little bit slower because they are hurt. It’s not a exciting idea, but it would give the game a little surprise here or there, plus seeing little voxel bees swarming around a villager would be cute.

what do you think? what other little event would you like to see?

thanks for you’re time :smiley:


Agreed, this would be super cute!

Even if it wasn’t a de-buff of some sort, I wouldn’t mind seeing the villager chased around for a few seconds before the bees disperse.


alot of animation and code to do. so i agree but it would need to come later because i would think them to 1st have more stuff to do they make stuff,hunt, and watch poor villagers get bee stings

agreed! I think it would work better as a random event that adds flavor to the world, as opposed to having any real impact on the units… would be fun to see! :smile:

I love it! Its a great idea!