Possible suggestions, what do you guys think? :)

When overwriting a saved game maybe in the future can we get a option not to be asked again? Then it instantly saves without the yes or no option.

Flower pots! A little bit like window box’s but you can place them where you’d like, And also Craft different types, Stone flower pots, Wooden flower pots ect :slight_smile:

Apple tree’s, A source of food like berry’s, Maybe in the future different fruit in various locations making the area’s more rare and different. (also different type of fruit tree’s could possibly be implemented?)

Clay! I think in a image I’ve seen clay, But in case it’s different it’d be a nice martial to work with!

I know there’s a thread dedicated to the TBD tab but I thought I’d mention the idea here, That I’ve mentioned with someone else earlier this week. Maybe it could be used for a way to make the villagers text bigger and read what goes of the normal screen, (so that it acts as a chat log). Also i’d see this idea giving a bar at the top saying (notification’s on - off) Then when it’s off it’ll send all villager’s messages and travellers and carnival messages to the tab allocated.

The option to either let tree’s re - grow or re plant tree’s. Maybe as the villagers remove’s the tree’s it gives a slight chance of giving you a seed, Then add them into the stock piles like plants?

Light sources for the inside of homes, Such as candles, torches or maybe even a celen light!

Wall mounted signs - This is just an idea, But maybe these signs could claim a little area that only the workers can enter, E.G placing a Carpenter sign on a building claims a 20 x 20 area that only the rank carpenter’s carpenter!

The option to remove Berry bush’s and wild silkweed or move them to a different location, Sometimes I find the perfect area for a building and there’s a unmovable Berry bush in the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if this is going to be implemented in the future but when villagers go to remove grass it disappears, Iwas thinking maybe they could take the grass blocks and add them into the stock pile so we could build nice nature area’s with the grass.

Also I’m again not sure if this has been mention but when you press Esc it brings up the menu, Maybe in the future we could get a option to return to the main screen and not just close the game?

This is just some things I thought off, Not sure if anyone would like to see any of this but thought I’d share my idea’s with you guys :smile:

*edit sorry if anyone saw this with the weird text layout, I wrote this up using notepad :wink:


i noticed there was a 7th tab that the devs were looking for suggestions i have one a grouping tab so you can group certain townspeople together and have just those people perform a task like group all footmen together and tell them to go attack goblins raiding hordes or just all workers and tell them to go gather from a certain area etc. just my suggestion thanks for the consideration. keep up the good work! :smile:

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