Some improvement ideas for this wonderful game!

These are just a list of ideas I came up with after playing countless hours of Alpha 5. Some ideas may have been brought up by others but that’s only because great minds think alike and I haven’t read all the forums posts. Also keep in mind that I know it’s still Alpha and that I know that some things are still being worked on but again these are just suggestions from the top of my head.


  1. Allow us to be able to set where footmen patrol and or have command options for footmen such as Attack, Patrol, Move, etc.

  2. Add Networth, Day, Town Name, and Overall Happiness of the town somewhere in the UI. Here is my example

  3. On the Menu possibly over “Exit Game” maybe add a “Back To Main Menu” Button as well.

  4. Add Gravity to objects when they get dropped on ladders.

  5. To possibly make things more challenging, maybe you guys can add durability to Footmen Weapons (And possibly future Military units)

  6. For Villagers that are engaged in combat, maybe have them always display health instead of just when hit

  7. Allow Villagers to move Berry Bushes but at the cost of having to grow them back up.

  8. If it’s possible, create an event where a Momma Wolf attacks the village because your trapper captured/skinned/befriended her pup to add a little danger from critters as well.

9)Be able to rename your town but with a cost/item of some sort.

  1. Add a pattern (i.e. Stone Brick) on the floor to signify that this is a stockpile even without entering the “Area” menu

  2. Be able to change villagers jobs but at the cost of all his progression in the previous job.

  3. Be able to edit your structures/buildings even after it is built

  4. Be able to craft Backpacks by weavers so that workers can carry more.

  5. Be able to replant trees so that wood isn’t sparse

  6. Show individual stats of villagers on scroll over. Here’s my example (doesn’t show my mouse because it is a print screen but my mouse is scrolled over “Payten Coroda”)

  7. Have footmen look for food and maybe sleep even when in Combat

  8. Have villagers want to join your town just a slight bit more frequently because by day 18 it gets just a tiny bit tough. (Might be because of some bugs though)


The former is planned, the latter very likely won’t happen because Stonehearth isn’t an RTS. Not sure when we’ll get patrol zones etc, but there we go :slight_smile: .

Hmm. Do we really need that on the main screen when it’s just a click away? I mean, what purpose does it serve in terms of gameplay?

There’s been a quit to main menu button since forever, it just never worked :laughing: . So yeah, getting it working and all’s a good plan :smiley: .

Gravity does work, but it’s assumed the objects are dropped directly on top of the ladders - if you remove the ladder, the object will drop down etc.

Hmm. I think this works fine when you’ve got only a handful of units to worry about, but the more you get the worse the micromanagement becomes in this case. I think it’s better to assume that the footmen clean and care for their equipment “off screen”, so that this isn’t an issue.

Maybe… Radiant have said they don’t want too much of an RTS feel to SH, including the display of hit points all the time, so I dunno about this one. Personally I’m still hoping that the game will model DF-style injuries instead of using HP.

Been asked before (for wild silkweed as well), just have to wait and see. I can’t believe it won’t be in the game though, if only because the blasted things keep getting in the way of mega-projects and the like :slight_smile: .

Nice idea :slight_smile: . There’s also an event suggestions thread around here somewhere, if you want to post any there :slight_smile: .

I think it’s a case of either letting players rename it willy-nilly, or being stuck with the typos you made the first time round :wink: . Not sure about making it something you pay to do.

I find the slight shading provided by stockpiles is enough personally. Still, this will hopefully be less of an issue as the game gets more stable and people begin organising their settlements more.

There are plans for job switching, so don’t worry :slight_smile: .

And plans for this too - the building editor is still in its early days.

There’ve been calls for this and things like it as well. Not so sure about giving it to workers, but certainly upgrades for hearthlings in general is a good idea.

Probably going to come into play once we can level up farmers, or train foresters or whatever :slight_smile: .

[quote=“VL5, post:1, topic:7943, full:true”]15) Show individual stats of villagers on scroll over. Here’s my example (doesn’t show my mouse because it is a print screen but my mouse is scrolled over “Payten Coroda”)[/quote]
Love it :smiley: .

Oh god no. Let’s keep them behaving intelligently!

Again, I think it’s just an alpha thing (although where you position your settlement can have a big impact on this). There will I’m pretty sure be more ways to get new people in the future though :slight_smile: .


What. Have you looked at the option menu lately? There is no main menu option, much less a working one. Also, you can’t even get in that option menu without pressing the escape key (no onscreen button to click for it yet).

Speaking of which, you have no choice but to create a game when you open up the map screen on a new game from the main menu. It’s not possible to cancel out of it (short of closing the game).

Sorry, my comment turned into a general complaint about missing UI elements.

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Oh, I know it’s gone ATM, just saying there has previously been one there for a while but it never worked.

I expect something like that will come along once the UI stops changing so much. In the mean time, so many games ATM have the Esc or F10 keys for bringing up the menu that alpha testers shouldn’t get lost :slight_smile: .

Good point :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the reply. I don’t expect all of these ideas to be implemented of course. I am aware it’s still alpha so keep up the good work guys :smile:


The 3) will be very useful!