Random event ideas, likely to come with new combat (?)

So, with the next alpha instalment working on combat I think it’s very likely that new scripted situations will be added and maybe even some mobs! Of course this is all speculation but I thought it would be fun to come up with some combat related random events/mobs (if you’re event requires a new mob then add a description for that mob). Any ideas? :smiley:

Personally I can’t wait to see something other than little green goblins raid my village! As I mentioned in @TurtleSquish 's post on stone hearth unique animals a mole hole would be a nice touch. Once interacted with you will either be faced with a group of angry moles or fall into an ore rich cave. Moles have mining hats, small round glasses and big hands.

Other ideas I’ve had are necromancers which spawn the undead, after the halloween mod it would be no supprise to see skeletons added into the game and why not have a harder enemy that spawns them in? Could also add some zombies for undead variety. :wink:


Here’s a few subtle ones which I think should be added

-Bumber Harvest (you get extra crops faster)
-drought (plants grow extra slow and our less nutritious

-Mineshafts caving in rarely. This is kinda difficult to add into the game but I would like it.

-Trees falling and new ones growing in its place. That might be a bit too much but I like the idea of having it like a real forest.

Thats all for now, gotta run more later.


:open_mouth: amazing idea, would make for a cool way for trees to grow back :smiley:

yeah, i think at a minimum, we’ll see “outposts” for the goblins, that the player would have to deal with in some fashion… i believe @Tom mentioned this in one of the last streams…

something like this would lend some reasoning for the goblins appearing on your borders (and would give the player minor objectives, once we have a more robust combat system)…

Any chance to add our own quests?

I still wasn’t able to spawn a scenario, and quests aren’t listed in the scenario index…

That’ll be something, I just can’t wait for new mobs :smiley:

@Relyss are you a dev? You have a leader badge but then you speak as though you’re trying to add scenarios and aren’t able to as if you are a modder? Just confused :stuck_out_tongue:

@Relyss is a fan and an outstanding member of this community … developer? no… all around super awesome person? yup! :smile: :+1:


weresheep attack. They eat your gardens.


@SteveAdamo @Relyss Oh right, adding our own quests would be awesome. I’m sure it will be put in at some point… it’d make the dev’s jobs easier because modders will do it for them :smiley:

@untrustedlife gotta love those weresheep XD

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@Relyss not sure what you want from quests? you can add your own events easy enough, and quests seem to be more of “do this, heres loot”. Looking at them I cant see why you couldnt add your own already, just have to write the code for it. As for what you are asking for with raiding:

“dynamic” : {
“scenarios” : [

Which has within it:

“rarity” : “common”,
“scenario_type” : “settlement”,

“settlement_spawn_range” : {
“min” : 10,
“max” : 20

“settlement_budget” : {
“min” : 1,
“max” : 1

“settlement_pieces” : [

“uri” : “file(raiding_camp.lua)”,
“scenario_data” : {

So expect to go and stomp some goblin huts soon.

Yes, we can add those dynamic scenarios. But how to spawn a quest on day N?

I was trying to make a mod with an event that would spawn only once (or maybe once a day) but adapting code from Candledark doesn’t seem to work (and plus Candledark was only available for r150).

I guess I’m just a little stuck with Lua :sweat_smile:

@Jimbob767 no, I’m not a dev :wink: I’m just a lucky member of this community. My presence here is a mix between keep track and organize bug reports and being a modder.

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I love the idea’s of tree’s growing randomly and falling over.

Yea its all about the lua for that stuff. @sdee has shown previously how to wirte a .lua to force a scenario start when a specific event has happend or item been built. Ill try to find the previous disscussions.

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