Random encounter?

You know what would be awsome? Random stuff in the world. Let’s say youre villeger were just wondering around and found a building, you send your villeger to invastegate and it turns out it’s a tavern. You can trader with the bartender and may get a quest(if they implement that) and you may stumble upon a random person on the road. It could be a poor man/woman looking for food and shelter if you help them they may join your town, or you might stumble upon a scout telling you the nearest location of a goblin camp, or a caravan that you could trade,“borrow” or kill in cold blood.
Another thing should be a scene, a caravan gets attacked(help or let them die) to knights dueling, some goblins fighting over loot etc.
What do you guys think?
Suggestions for random buildings:
Guard tower(contains soilders)
Ruins(the dev team said there would be some ruins)
Guild base(suggestion from another user)
Altar(if religon becomes a thing)

@Supergamer33 You are booming out the ideas but watch your language it is a family friendly discourse but still nice idea

@Gridnick sorry about that. I will sacrafice another ant(in your honor) to the zombie overlords.

@Gridnick could you share this so i can here what other people think about it?

Just say everyones name with @

I’m on mobile at the moment so won’t be linking any posts, although I’m sure my beautiful assistant @SteveAdamo will, but you’ll be pleased to know that this sort of thing is already planned.

The team want the world to be rich with things to discover and events to handle, these sorts of things fall in to the whole modules thing.

Either way you can rest assured we will be discovering ruins and Raya knows what else :slight_smile:

Edit: @Supergamer33 turn to 1:54 of the video for some explanation of modules:


Honestly, the only randomly generated thing I want to see in Stonehearth is ruins. It’s a bit ridiculous if there are random taverns and guard towers just dotted across the landscape.