A few random ideas

Hey guys, just here to point out some ideas for the sequels that are supposedly being planned, as well as an idea or two for completely new game ideas. Also, to avoid me starting new post, some ideas for the current game as well.

Stonehearth-related ideas.

  • Kings/Queens; These classes would be for those of yall’ that want an vast empire rather than a trading city or such. The monarchs would be a class you can unlock by starting a new, additional town or conquering a pre-existing one. They wouldn’t be necessary, but their main function would to be introduce some new tools to help you rule multiple towns. That way, if you have, say, a monastery, there would be no need for any monarchs, since you only have one, peaceful(ish) town.
  • Other-race settlers: When you get a new settler, there could be a slim chance of that settler being a different race than your own. Although goblins might sufferer serious racism from your villagers, most other races only deal with that in the slightest. What makes these kinds of settler special is the fact they can learn classes exclusive to your race, so you can have access to some more unique classes.

Some “new game” ideas
(Warning!: These are somewhat irrelevant, and are just for fun!)

  • Stonehearth: Farming Town: A farm-management game inspired by the likes of harvest moon, where you play as a hearthling in a setting that is slightly more realistic than harvest moon, regarding how weather and crops work. But, since this is stonehearth, we’re going to have some fun with this! Hire a few extra helping hands to help on the farm, and promote yourself and others to unique classes! Help around the village and such! Tame creature you’d never be able to tame in real life, like BuckBuck’s, mammoth, and sheep so large you can ride them! Extreme mod-friendly-ness allows you to add more encounters, farm animals, classes, and more! But be warned… your farm’s success might attract the likes of goblins, and all kinds of monsters. Fight even titans!.. just joking. Your farm couldn’t grow that big… right?

Some ideas regarding games actually planned…

  • The Stonehearth RPG: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been hearing some ho-ha about an RPG sequel to stonehearth, right? Well, anyways, if it does happen, here’s what I expect…
    • Some random new type of combat system that deals with how “dangerous” magic is.
    • (This one’s very important):Thanks to modability, the ability to create entire new campaign’s from scratch, just like a real-life DM can… (Eat it, knights of pen and paper!)

That’s all for now, and feel free to comment on what I have and make some suggestions!

There was a Stonehearth MOBA (HOBA as they called it), but that was just a prank for April Fools

I know, but somewhere, SOMEWHERE… I recall reading about such a thing. If no one, including myself, can prove me right, than I’ll move that thing into a separate category.

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I’ve also heard mentions of a mysterious “Stonehearth 2” and it being more like DF’s Adventurer mode. No clue if it was at all inspired by official statements or if it was all rumor or both.

And so, the sandwitch grasped his wand, preparing to go on an epic quest deep into the fourms, exploring any notification on the matter.

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Here we go!

That’s a whole other game. I’m serious, we have a design for a whole new game where you play as an adventurer in cities and worlds built in Stonehearth- Tom.

Here’s a link to the topic it’s from!

Throughoutly discussed here:

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Oh god, the Q & A thread is so broken it hurts me.