Ruins/abandoned buildings

Could you possibly include randomly generated ruins? Empty/run-down buildings that are just spawned randomly? Maybe contain loot/mobs idk or just be an empty building, I just think they’d be a cool thing to find. :slight_smile:


Maybe even make them salvageable by building on to them or breaking them down? That would be a neat idea making exploring worth the trek

Good way to find old hidden forgotten technology and history of the world.

@Smokestacks I think during the virtual Pizza Party this was mentioned to be in the game… some ancient ruins where skeletons are guarding “treasure”.


Did you see that cool skeleton half man. It looked like an x-ray.

yes sir, @sdee mentioned these (above ground ruins) when the discussion of underground ruins was asked about…

@Skull24 Yeah that guy with the skeleton showing was great.

I want that guy to be my towns mayor. He would be awesome.

Those ruins could be one of the ways that you could obtain magic, lost in history. Like magic is a lost art and ruins provide a place where you can salvage that.


or where you can find blueprints for epic stuff that your craftsmen can make, or runes that your mages/magical minions can use

What about some neglected guys who can join your town (or you kill them and take their stuff)?
I would like to have choices to solve the situations (burn down the ruins, but destroy the stuff inside along with the enemies).

oh, absolutely… good player choice here… i can accept the new migrants, and they may perhaps, over time, contribute something meaningful to the society (long term return on investment)…

or… i can slaughter the lot of them, and hope to pilfer something good from them (immediate return), with a potential problem for me down the road - their band of merry traveling friends come looking for him, or perhaps Bob’s Aunt was a once powerful mystic and she curses my farmland for killing her favorite nephew… :zap:

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Or one of them is actually an incredible swordsman and decimates your ambush before running off!

Haha, yeah it would be cool if you had these choiced available!

Ahh right, I did watch the entire stream but must of missed that bit haha :slight_smile: does anyone know the verdict of it?

hi there @Smokestacks … would you mind rephrasing that? i’m not sure what you’re asking about… :confounded:

Apologies, I don’t know who lets me on this at this time of night, voxel_pirate even answered it already, I was just trying to find out what they’d said in the stream but I know now :slight_smile:

oh, ok… no worries… hahaha… just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing something interesting… :tongue: