More permanent ruins

One of the best discoveries in my initial Stonehearth plays was the bunny statues that litter the landscape in each Darkmoor Forest instance. With Alpha 14, now we have the crypt instances but I was disappointed that these crypts are not permanent fixtures and the hearthlings merely destroy them after defeating the resident undead.

With the amount of lore in this game about the Phoenix Empire, why not have more permanent structures that automatically spawn in the worlds? Old forgotten trade routes that are overgrown, outposts from the fallen empire, crypts and temples that need to be cleaned out and restored to their glory. I’m guessing that building a world like this will be part of the Game Master mode but haven’t heard much about that…


You’re talking like a lore developed world?

Where you have structures already based in the world, as remnants, and they become permanent fixtures that you can cleanse and claim to integrate & study in your own civilisation, sort of like, lorewise, reclaiming the old empire and slowly reforming your own civilisation back in to a reformed and new modeled version (modeled by yourself, the ruler of the civilisation) of the ancient civilisation?
A culture based on both modern ideology and government and ancient structure and teachings. A bit like the Romans (where they siphoned building styles and the culture and mythology from the greeks, but outfitted and changed them to fit in to their own society)

In loose terms, is that what you mean?

Because that could be kind of cool… :grin: Building a civilisation around that of a long past and dead one, but having to face the ancient terrors left behind at the same time.

The game will benefit with having more ruins, as It will add more aesthetics to the game, fill up empty space, and could potentially make more specialised loot. I would like to see this implemented. You could perhaps find injured hearthlings in the ruins, and have the option to take them in! Good idea!

Actually, the giant bunny statue is not really permanent, since you can harvest it for stone.
But who would dare to do such a gruesome act.

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@cypher50 Hey thats my steam name w/o the 50. that most of my games i play name. Anyways on to topic. There are plans to add more lore objects to the game other then Bunny statue, if ur lucky one day u might even meet the Rabbit Clan and find their village. Caves i think are planned Also


Where else are Dwarves, Trolls and REDACTED supposed to live?

Dwarves are coming, Tom worked on them in a stream, so we got to see the design. Troll not for sure, it was mentioned that they might be in game. If you all want to know what coming or see what being worked on, Always come to the Stream on Tues and Thurs. Ask question. U can always go to the kickstarter page to see whats coming its still posted there and the progression map has a lot of info too.


Hah, michael, I have been using cypher50 for years (originally on IGN Boards back in 2001 or so)…you just beat me to it :-D.

Glad to hear that we will learn more about the bunny people (although I hope they won’t be mad that I have been herding them for meat). Looking forward to when there is a Creation mode where we can make our own maps with villages and such to start on.