Anyone found a large abandoned city yet?


Really wanting to find a location with lots of ruins too build over(Kinda wish the geomancer could summon them)


I’m sure it’s just a matter of time :slight_smile:


I found these on my current game:


lol i have exactly the same xD


I love that they are mineable, could do some fun stuff.


I got that statue plus these 3 on the same map.


I’m guessing the last one is a ruined farm since it still had a few old bales of hay I could carry back with me.


you lucky b%#rd hahaha xDDDDD (no offence xD)


I also have a small abandoned farm for my Ascendancy town!


Ohhh just found…

I was kinda scared to have a hearthling walk between them I was certain he was gonna get burnt to a crisp. Luckily he was confident and passed the test.


Those building/farm ruins showed up in Xarcasen. I got what looked like a fire pit, too. … And a couple benches, to top it off.

I’ll have to see tomorrow if the seed’s any use.w


You should try checking under the ground on some of those ruins, who knows what may or may not be down there… :wink:


My luckiest so far was a double ruined farm, especially fun because my nordlings can make beer :), free beer!


Funny enough me and my friends were playing multiplayer, I was super confused cause i thought my guys had bugged out when i placed my banner on the ruins. Found my guys chilling in the basement lol


@Logo The two sphinxes look like the scene in the The Neverending Story where Atreyu passes by two giant sphinxes YouTube


Exactly what I thought, which is why I was scared my hearthling was toast lol.


also, someone ANYONE add some for of chance for that big golem to come alive and start waltzing about :’) please, make it rare as BEEP like the rainbow weather :stuck_out_tongue: and just hide it in one of your mods without telling people, lol. just as a neutral critter because you are too small for it to care about.


And when the Titan spawns it just calmly walks over and punches it in the face. :slight_smile: Or gives it a great big bear hug and falls off the side of the map taking the Titan with it.


Their eye guns are only for healing nowadays ; D


That shouldn’t happen anymore : /. I’ll take a look, but please let me know if it happens again : D.


Be Confident!